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The air will not heat up unless my car is running

Bought a new battery car starts up goes a couple of miles and shuts off completely DSC light comes on and check engine light

I found a vacuum leak on a small line near the throttle Body but the code still pops up

It happens often

It will start sumtimes and then others it want

Are the shocks and struts of the 98 740IL compatible with 00 528i also what parts if any are usable. Taking them from the 528 and putting them in the 740. Thanks

Will drive in reverse brakes appear to be seizing up. Want excelarate

i have to disconnect the battey if i want to tun it off. need to know what prt has gone bad and where its located

I tested it along w/ igniter on passenger side and both are fine. Turn signal and flasher (halogen lights) all work, Just main light not working.

I want upgrade my 330i to six speed manual please advise

Almost thought it was a window or door ajar ,but noise was coming from under the hood while pushing the gas pedal.Not sure if making noise when foot off the gas

This is a first time problem I think it might be a fuel pump

When I start the car in the morning and put it drive, it takes a while for it to engage unless I put it in drive as soon as I start the car. While driving through the streets the car has problems shifting but on the freeway it seems to run fine
Do I need to have the transmission replaced and if so, how much is it going to cost. Or should I just trade it in?

The creaking does not seem to occur when car is at speed but only when going very slow turning the steering wheel.

When I put my car in drive and get ready to pull off it stalls like it doesn't want to go, ??

Need to know where to check & add transmission fluid and check brake fluid & add

It appeared and said stop driving due to electrical then went away for awhile then things started going crazy my speedometer stopped...rpms stopped...gas needle jumps from full to empty and radio dashboard goes out and comes back on ..service engine light is on ... blinkers will turn on randomly also but the actual car runs!!

I don't really have lots of problems. It has been running very good and a month ago noticed oil dripped in the garage floor.

New Rear Brake light replaced and blows

have a 2000 bmw 323I. When it got cold the thermostat froze and the car over heated. The next day I drained the water and filled it back up drove the car for about two months ran fine I noticed that the temp wasn't reading right when the car ran for an hour it would still read cold then when I had just started the car some times it would read hot. So I decide just to be safe I would replace the thermostat. So I did, I started the car to check for water leaks. Then I drove the car around town had no problems. How ever as soon as I hit the high way to go to work the car over headed. I did notice that the electric fan was not kicking on but I don't understand why it didn't over heat with the old thermostat But after I replaced it now it is

It stalls to turn on or once it's on and warms up it will turn on with no problem all day

It over heat

Says it has a clean title but other than that there is no info on any issues.

Head light dash lights run fine wint into store come out and nothing

electrical problem. while driving just the heat control section goes blank and turns back on readomly

and it will cause problems with engine later on. The mechanic advised me that he used BMW parts, but BMW stated that they used aluminum bolts. Does it matter if you use steel/aluminum bolts. Valve cover gasket repair.

My problem was the valve cover gasket, the Oil housing gasket and oil cooler gasket were leaking. When I picked up my car, I thought that was done until I paid for the same service at the Dealership because they said it was leaking. The mechanic stated he replaced the oil cooler & oil seal , & oil filter adapter gasket. Please explain why the oil cooler was replaced?

and it might have to be replaced. The whole light and it can be very expensive, and mess up the other wiring in the car. Who can I take my car for this problem instead of the BMW Dealer.

I just added Pentofrost A3 coolant because is very low and i can't BMW brand in my area. Later someone told A3 Is for Asian car and i should get Pentofrost NF instead. What should i do now? Or it is ok and i can still drive?

And then the coolant indicator showed I had some antifreeze put in and later that evening I drove it and when I parked the car and cut it off white smoke came from under the hood. I know my battery needs replacing but when I got my car home and tried to start it the next morning it would not come on. Now I can't even get in with my key pad and I can only use the key manually but I can not get into the trunk neither will the other doors open. What do you think the problem is?