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It recently started happening. Doesnt do it all the time. Also i recently purchased the car 3 months ago and it does not have the original size battery but it has been running strong.
While I waa driving my shows an error message that reads ignition fault and I stop since then it doesn't want to start please help
Everything else on the car works but when I accelerate past 60. That’s when problems start and it slows down on its own.
How to reset electronics after installing a new battery.
Start car and here winning noise . Start going down the street and still hearing the noise. It's when I push the gas pedal and give it gas. So the whole time I'm going its there

I already replaced the thermostat, water pump, radiator and fan
why won't anything comes on in my car, I just drove my car last night. now I insert my key in the ignition put my feet on brakes try to push start it and now want make any sound at all nor my lights would not come either so please tell me whats causing this problem with my 2008 BMW 328 i. I need to know what will cause this problem, and if my battery was low why didn't it show up in my dash on last night. I got up this morning and notice this problem with my car. I want to know what other ways could anything possibly could be the problem in why it would say anything nor make a sound neither the lights at all. sorry but everything is completely dead!!!
2009 528i x 90000 miles. Bmw 528i
Doesn't crank
It will start but has a whinnying sound. Is it the timing chain
I have 62,800 miles on my x1 xdrive 28i
outside door handle is inactive
Change the filter in tranmistoin and now no power won't go into gear
I replaced my brake booster on my545i and the brakes are still stiff I bled the brakes and there is no leak from the master cylinder. Someone tell me what else can be wrong or what can I do to fix this
a month ago he ran up on a curb and messed up rim and control arm. so today we took new rim to have put on. he went to start it and it was dead put battery charger on it and it started right up problem is it won't stay running keeps shutting off its sounds to me like its not getting gas or missing i could be wrong tho and you can hear power steering when turning wheel
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