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lower engine air intake boots
The car's engine revs normally but it does not move at all. When I put the car in gear it does not feel as if it's gone in gear.
My BMW has 60k miles on it. It is gradually taking longer and longer for it to get into 1st gear from Park. It now takes about 5 seconds and in the winter sometimes 8 to 10 seconds. Based on other forums I think the ATF is low also I looked into the Automatic Transmission Fluid container in the engine compartment and it is at the "minimum" level. Should I just top it off (if so which ATF fluid should I use) or should I have an indy shop change it for me?

and the price to repair it would 400.00 is that correct.
the main hose tha also keeps the cooling system?
I am currently getting around 17miles per gallon,and cannot afford 55.00 everytime I fill up,which currently is about once a week.
My key will not go back into the ignition- the car will start with the key inside of the car, with pressing the start button and depressing the brake pedal-the icon shows up as a key with a slash across it. tried a spare key also-is it ok to drive like this? what happened? tried a spare key as well...same result.
what do about the bushings being eccentric?
I was hoping to get some help finding a wiring harness for the tail light assembly. I see that has a repair kit but I don't need the whole kit, I just need the harness. Has anyone had any luck finding this or even just a part number for it? I pulled the harness and the only number I could find on it was 561885 space and then below it 7519 956. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

I just recently purchase my 330xi and I am curious as to what is a fair price of an oil change at a typical BMW shop or dealership service department.
What's a reasonable cost for replacing ball joints for both wheels?
how often do i need to change the oil
My passenger head light suddenly stopped working. We thought that it may be the light bulb. We replaced the bulb with a working one and it still does not work. We were advised by a mechanic that he "thinks" that the ballast needs to be replaced. Does this ballast have replaceable components or does the part need to be replaced completely. We were told that the part is $200 to $300. I did see online that it looks like there may be ceramic fuses that go inside this ballast. Has anyone ever had this issue? The information that we received was not from the BMW repair shop. BMW will charge $120/hr to diagnosis the issue and then an additional parts fee.
losing antifreeze when car is running no leaks visible or white smoke from exhaust. losing quite a bit with nothing visible. any answer would help. thanks
Rotors are really worn, but I cannot remove spindle nut. Not even using impact.
The belt broke off a I don't have the belt diagram and it is not on the car's hood.
What should it cost to replace the gasket between the oil filter housing and the engine.
Sorry, I know this is a stupid question, dumb blonde asking. Cannot figure out where to add the antifreeze and the icon is telling me I need it. Thanks for your help!
My dealer says that my CV boot is missing on the outer side and that the inner one is split. My question is...what is the normal wear on this boot? Wouldn't there be some indication of wear BEFORE it falls off? My car had been in six months earlier and they did not report any of this. I am very skeptical since now my extended warranty is out by 2 months and I have to deal with this.
128K miles - needs both lower balljoints, sway bar link, axel boot and power steering pump -est. $1100 repairs. Just replaces front brake rotors and pads or $500 two months ago. Trying to decide if it would be worth it to do the repairs and keep the car (i.e., can anyone tell me what other costly repairs I might be looking at with high mileage?) or if I should sell.
the drivers seat adjustment does not work. Can I replace the motor myself?
all gauges etc normal. sometimes air will not work and there is an odor of burning rubber .. other times works fine. when not working engine compartment gets very hot
I keep getting a light that comes on. Don't have manual it looks like a tank with low liquids. Do you know which light Im talking about. It could be the cooling light. So just add 50/50 coolant.
How much would it cost to replace the starter on a BMW 330xi 2003 model? Labor and parts separate pls? Thx
Hard gear engamennt while shifting
I've looked around for a manual for this car. All the manuals I find do NOT cover the models which are All Wheel Drive. Any manual info, or online resource would be helpful.
My Service engine soon light came on. I had the code read and it was PO 492. What does it mean and what is the first thing I should check.
how do I take the door panel off to fix my window?
code after engine scanned : po 604 ,po 1619, po 0340, po 128
can anyone tell waht this codes mean and parts that need to be replaced ?

How do I turn off the passenger side airbag for a child safety seat which I must put in the front seat?
Iam unable to remove the cv joint from the transmission. I have tried pounding it out, used pry bar even tried an air hammer. It will not come out. What am I doing wrong!

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