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time they have gotten cracked? does anyone else have this problem? is it from ALL the roadwork being done on the freeways?

and it makes a vibration noise in fifth gear?

engines has tabbing sound but it stop sometimes what is it

i found the other two sensors at the wheels

my car will not change properly

it barely moves in reverse sometimes

the car was not pulling as usual and when you try to put your foot down would struggle and make a rattling noise, now the car wont start at all the battery is new but just seems like it is spinning, also did have a slight oil prior to this?? HELP!!!!

how can i open the hood when release cable is brooke

My car has only 79k miles on it. The dealer said that the sensor might be contaminated by oil, but its not even wet with oil.

I opened the vents (wheels) to the cold side. I also just had the A/C freon charged up and it's still happening. Any thoughts?

my window came off track and i tried taking the door panel off. i removed the trim and got it almost all the way off but i cant seem to figure out whats holding it on still....thinking the door handle. any diy's would be greatly appreciated!

It only does this in the summer time I have also noticed it is when I have the a/c on too. I can let it cool down or when the temperture outside cools down to the 80's it starts back up and drives fine like nothing ever happened. This is the 4th summer this has happened. Never a problem in the winter time. Its happens in alot of stop and go traffic especially.

is there a sensor that needs to be changed or fuse?

key just spins in the ignition and won't crank

After starting the heat gauge climbs fast to max. The red light comes on! I stop Immediately, and then re-start, and the gauge stays at normal but does fluctuate slightly in the upper zone. I do hear steam escaping from within the engine bay. When the ignition is first switched on there is a 'clicking' sound like a short circuit from the radio area of the dashboard.The car has done 280,000 Km, and has never given any problems till now! Please help

My red brake light warning came on and also the shop lift symbol lit when yhe vehicle is cranked or turned off. I took the car to the shop they replaced the brake pads and sensors but the mechanic said they re-set the the brake light several times but the light is still on. Anyone have an answer

I would like to change this filter myself. Is the process simple or do I have to go to a dealership?

what needsd to be replacxed< the air is cold, but only can control the speed to half power then no more

What are the steps to reset the change oil symbol on the dash?

i have a 2008 328i with 89k. am i in need for a tune up? bought the car with 62k 10 months ago. thanks!

my air or heat won't blow air

How do i change out the brake booster in my 2000 328I Thanks for all your help

My fan motor takes 10 minutes to start working when cold. The colder the longer it takes to start. Sometimes colder than zero I have to shut it off wait 5 minutes then try it again. Summer it seems to be OK. Final stage replaced, control unit reworked. I did notice I'm not getting power to the final stage when all this is taking place. Question, where does the power come from that feeds the final stage? Can it be as simple as a fuse? Also, when it's not working it looks like it is. Temp settings, fan speed bar display all look OK, but it's not.

Thanks for any direction

i noticed to my car while driving about the odometer is offset 5km rpm.i driving 100 km/hr reading in odometer in my car but when i see to my GPS it reads only my speed is only 95km/hr. is there any ajdustment to be done or dod meter panel has a problem? thanks

I have noticed that ABS light on there 3 lights comes on and it said related to ABS not working. Could you tell me what parts to be replaced i brought to mechanic for computer diagnosed it says pump motor failure? can u tell is there any cause aside from pump motor or any procedure to be tested my ABS problem. thanks

I have experienced when engine run good then when i stop the car i have felt that when engine starts press the gas cilynder engine switch off when i run the car even i press the gas cilynder full the car slowly drive. i brought to mechanic he found engine pressure leaking and he replaced and found cam shaft sensor cables worn out he replaced also. thats the only thing i replaced then engine happend like this. please help me out resolve this issues. thanks

I was informed by my mechanic I have an oil pan gasket leak and it's a 6 hour job to fix it. I have no doubt there is a leak but it seems insane it would be 6 hours in labor to replace it. Any advice would be appreciated.

I need to know what type of metal used on this vehicle"

the fan/heat comes on automatically after being turned off - I'll turn it off again and it comes on...any thoughts?

i have a 1996 bmw 328i convertible. yesterday without warning the car would no longer go into 3rd gear. when it came time for the car to shift into 3rd it would simply rev up as if it were in neutral. does anyone know what could cause this problem? and if so what would be my best and most affordable repair option? thanks a ton.