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The window went down without a problem but now it won't roll back up.

with a partial circle and an arrow pointing left appear on the dash. The car when I brake hard has fluttering (not from the rotors) and I was wondering what the potential problem could be? 2011 BMW 328i 17k

It occurs at speeds above 50mph when the brakes are applied it has a slight vibration in the steering wheel also.Should I have my brakes and rotors checked?

Had intake boot replaced. Still makes noise periodically. Doesn't affect driving/engine performance.

I also heard there is a kit that you buy online often needed on top of replacing radiator? My son loves this car but im afraid it's going to turn into a money pitt:(

Good morning...I have a 97 BMW 328i. Sporadically it overheats when driving mostly when I have the AC on. If I leave the heater on low the needle stays in the middle. I've checked for leakage - None -, I've checked the top hose to see if the thermostate is operating. It's warm to touch. I've checked the clutch, pump, and belts and all seem okay. Just recently, I ran the car in park w/o the air on for 15 minutes and then 10 minutes with the AC on and then turned it off for another 10 minutes. Needle stayed in the center. Also, I've bleeded the radiator correctly. It's crazy and over heats only when driven. One other thing, I've taken the cap off the radiator, started the car to see if the radator collant is ciculating. It doesn't seem to be doing anything. Calm as could be. Could this be my problem? Please help. What is causing the car to overheat only when driven?

eve..n if you start in 2nd, feels like 1st gear, if you put in 3rd, feels like neutral, no abs light is on

Heavy rains for 2 days due to Tropical Storm Issac in north Alabama; trunk mat is damp (not soaked); where could water be leaking in? and what suggestions to fix this problem? Thanks so much for your help.

fan fails to turn on and car overheats

it turns on and off. when it is on it is cold but it seems like it isnt blowing as hard as it should when it is on... i have heard alot of different responses to this question and would jsut like to get things straight thank you

Have been back to the dealer at least 6 or 7 times. Even had the entire unit replaced once. The last time they told me that the ground wire was attached incorrectly. Six month later the car is back with the same problem. They have had my car now for two days, still working on it.

My car is out of warranty and I want to change the oil myself. How do you reset the oil change interval computer?

Is there any marks or detail for me to set the timing on the cams n crank for me to set the timing without removing any spark plugs

Suspiciouse of a negligent oil change service, since no warning indicators were displayed prior to service. Service performed due to time between services. Technition diagnoses was to replace coil 6. Coil 6 replaced and as I drove off, the car began with the same physical problems as before ans before I could make it back after turning back for the dealership the service engine light deplaned. Following day received call that another part of the same coil needed to be replaced. They kept car to make sure it was resolved. What's wrong with my car and why can't they competently explain the issue. Is it likely they made an error during the oil chang that is affecting my engine in general or coil pack specifically? If they rep
Ace one coil is it recommended to replace the coil pack?


worked 1 day super cold n blew on max n shut down when hit exact temp was set day nothing....

I removed all the required bolts etc and the breather hose. I tried to pry the cover off near the breather hose as instructed but the cover still wouldn't come off?? Please help, thank you!

If anyone has one they are selling please let me know!

drives great but the driver's side have a knock when running over bumps - is this a problem? anything I can do to eliminate the noise?

i have all this codes in my bmw, the transmission go to safe mode.

After waiting for 2 mo. for my 328i to arrive,finally got it 2 weeks ago.For the last week it has been in the dealer repair shop b/c according to the mechanic "after working back and forth w. BMW they told us the problem might be in the transmission oil tank.....first one to see w this situation at this BMW" A new transmission will be send within the next week.

a white smoke came out of the intake when i tried to start it.Since then my car won't crank over....

I replaced PCV, fuel filter, gas cap, purge solenoid, purge valve, intake boot, numerous vacuum lines. Computer keeps showing a P0454 and P0455 along with P1250. I know P1250 is generic. No noticeable leaks. Check all vacuum lines for EVAP too. Puzzling.

Had 20 miles to empty. Never should have done that I know. Pulled up to gas station and put gas in. Attempted to start car and nothing happened. Lights come on as well as indications. 1st time it has ever happened car was towed home. Getting ready to tow it to shop.

Had 20 miles to empty. Never should have done that I know. Pulled up to gas station and put gas in. Attempted to start car and nothing happened. Lights come on as well as indications. 1st time it has ever happened car was towed home. Getting ready to tow it to shop.

I replaced the battery. Now every time I open the door alarm sounds and everything shuts down.

disappears when I depress the clutch all the way...what could be the problem please?


i cant get my in side heater fans to stay on it turns on for a while then shuts off need help please

When I hit bumps in the road the car frame makes a loud crunch sound as though I don't have shocks?

My window went down and I heard a loud clunk. Then my window wouldn't go up or down. I could still hear the motor engage. I took the door panel apart and found that the spring on the end of the window cable had broken out of the window slider. That piece is the only thing keeping my window from working properly. What is that piece called and where would I find one?

please excuse my inability to use car technicial terms, I'm just a college student with very little knowledge of how my car works.
I am very thankful for anyones help since I live on a college students budget.