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Car failed smog inspection due to battery being daed for sometime but installed new battery
Window goes up crookedly, Motor works.If I fiddle with window it will getback on track but go up crookedly and make a banging noise so really never get it up unless I pull it up myself
What happen:
No problems other than when i have to slow to a stop(idoling) it seems like its gonna shut off, runs really bad . otherwise runs great. Abs lite is on. What might this cost to repair. Im moving to ky in aug. Plz help
My car sounds louder than usual even in neutral. NO service lights or the car service check showing low fluids. I did put 1/2 tank mid-grade gas in about two weeks ago but I drove it out and filled up with premium. Please advise.... Thanks...
Changed air filter and oil / filter and engine making a whistling noise and missing and check engine lights up
My remote works to unlock all doors when pressed but the comfort lock on the driver's side does not respond to the touch. The passenger side works fine with the same remote - and to the touch. Batteries are new, and pressing the remote from a distance unlocks both doors and trunk. Two different remotes obtain the same results. Problem started two weeks ago but was sporadic. Now consistently fails.
I start it then drive a while then turn it off go in the store come out try to start it and it wouldn't start. Try Irene three more times and it started. Almost like battery was dead.
I brought in my 2010 BMW 328i to check the alignment, as it drifts slightly left. Mechanic said front lower control arms (forward) bushings are cracked and causing arm to shift, and should be replaced before fixing the alignment. My car has 55,000 miles. Is this a typical, maintenance repair? What is the usual cost for such a repair?
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