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The battery will not hold date and time at all from turning car on to next time car is turned on; Has battery cable recall compromised battery? Shouldn't BMW be liable for new battery?

Before I change it the car was driving fine it just had the red battery it won't turn on it just turn on the lights it only runs when they pass me jumping cables if I turn it off and let it run for 15min and I turn it off I won't start again untill they pass me jumping cables

I drive a 2011 BMW 328i and the last couple weeks I have noticed an issue where when I first start up my car after not using it for some period of time(few hours) I start driving around and once I put my foot on the brake and come to a complete stop with my foot firmly on the brake the car rpm starts jumping up and I can feel my car continuously lurch forward until i release the brake. This only happens when my car is in Drive. If i switch it to neutral the rpm jump stops happening. I'm really confused about why this could be happening and if you have any insight it would be great to hear.

i tried replacing a new fan but still the problem not solved, what am i suppose to do to address these big problem/

When in city driving acceleration is terrible car hesitates then accelerates.very annoying. Have taken to dealer they say there is nothing can be done. Unless BMW can come up with a solution. This car is history.believe me I will never buy another.

40 mph the engine losses power, when the ASC { auto stability control } is turned OFF it runs fine.The ASC light flashes during the power lose.BMW has a bulletin stating a problem with the TB, but did not give a solution on a repair? No codes have been retrieved. Thanks Claude.

New throw out bearing the clutch looked good no play was real tight and firm. The driveline doesn't move

1.Battery cable connection at the fuse block &
2. side air bag safety tension may not deploy These recalls I'm concern about if they had been repaired
I bought the car in February 2015.

I hit a small animal which knocked my left foglight out. The chassis stabilization light came on right afterwards. Now a transmission light is on. Related? I have had the vehicle 2 days. Bought from a very reputable dealer in Savannah, GA.

how much is a window regulater replacement

The muffler from getting hot if I'm going to drive through the fields to avoid a fire

To. Protect the muffler from getting hot is loose I don't really need that cover because I'm driving through the fields

The front passenger airbag light indicator is on and/or has malfuctioned. It was suggested that I replace the passenger seatbelt system which triggers the airbag deployment mechanism. Is this a possible solution to ensure safety and make sure the light goes off?

I need to bolts that are like right above the exhaust pipes or muffler that's all and how much is an oil change

It feels as if the engine is not getting fuel when it tries to accelerate from a stop, or when I am driving slow in traffic. Problem is constant.

p1470 leak diagonostic pump circuital electrical

Last night while I was on a call, my control display suddenly went bright red and then blank. I could not make calls, listen to my radio, navigate...basically, nothing worked that my iDrive controlled. Is this a fuse issue or something worse? How much is something like this going to cost me?

I called BMW about 3 times because I smelled burning oil. the BMW said I had to use the AC, and not circulate the air. I smelled it when I turned the engine on but as I drove away it got better. However, today I moved it slowly and it began making white smoke. Now they want to charge me more than a thousand to change the piece.

I have replaced the lamp and the socket that the lamp goes into 6 times sine 2008. There are black burn marks on the contacts the fit into the headlight assembly. I replaced the lamp and the socket yesterday and the turn signal does not work.

is it smart to change still do a drain and fill at the mile range or is it better to just go with the fluid it has

Car failed smog inspection due to battery being daed for sometime but installed new battery