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Car runs good win light is off...gear warning light .goes away win shutting car off and restarting it..code p17ec..
Also an ! In a small triangle next to parking gear light.that doesnt go away...
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Restaring engine .usauly fixes it.
How long have you had this problem? A few weeks
it happened yesterday and comes and go's when engine light go's off it runs like a top
no crank . batt was replaced 2 months ago was running fine then one day no start
Whenever I do hard braking I can feel 1 twitch in steering wheel.
Does it have to b reset
I was driving to work two months ago and the moror just started bouncing around almost dying... finally got to work almost in limp mode at the end of the day I brought it to a local shop and they couldn't find any codes wrong in the motor they wanted to replace the motor after finding no compression in the first and third chambers.. so I had it towed from that shop because they wanted to replace the motor I was thinking there's too few miles on that motor to be replaced so I had it brought to BMW of Riverside and they want nine hundred bucks just to lower the oil pan... and also found out there was a recall on an inline oil line they won't replace it cuz it's out of warranty and they want past records which I don't have of my oil changes should I have a brought somewhere else.... I hear they don't make 328i Motors anymore for some reason
something was in the way in the trucnk and when trying to open the hardtop it jammed and will not move up or down. How to reset it?
I don't really have lots of problems. It has been running very good and a month ago noticed oil dripped in the garage floor.
It stalls to turn on or once it's on and warms up it will turn on with no problem all day
when I turn the key over its not doing anything its not sparking at all but when I go to put the 67 in it blows it immediately
what exactly do I need to do or what do I need to replace andf is it gonna cost me a lot of money to do it
it did throw a code but all it said was speed sensor
what can i do? crank but no start! A0B3 fault & (plugs and injectors no power)

mechanical says it caused by ECU?

please advice
Before engine heat sign was not there but the steam was coming out a lot , after I changed my radiator , two hoses and one other hose last week , today it again showing the low coolant sigh and even engine over heat sign . And the car stopped in the middle of highway , I added water in it after engine cooled down , but it's leaking even faster form right back part of the engine , what could be wrong with it , please help me ,
Had a oil change and car started leaking around valve cover gasket and also the oil pan gasket this is according to the shop where I had the oil changed at. The car has never leaked a drop before. When it first started ( day after the oil changed) it leaked a lot for a few days now just a few drops I have checked it and oil level is ok. Car does not have dip stick.
Needs to have a mechanic check car bumper to bumper before purchase? At what cost will my friend expect to have an independent mechanic charge?
My blower motor is on but will not blow outward. what else can i do?
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