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Need to change my belt tensioner and Idler pulley on my car due to high mileage. The tensioner is 25 NM + 90 degree angle, but can’t find the torque specs for the Idler pulley.
BMW 328i xDr 2013 55000 km bought Jan. 2017
Message “Drivetrain malfunction” drive moderately maximum drivetrain output not available. ( warranty expired Oct. 2017
Car is trembling when driving and when starting; does not allow me to reach a higher speed when driving,slowing itself down.
Is this a recall? Many Internet forums with similar problems for that year.
The mechanic saw the oil under the engine on top of the plastic cover when it was removed for repairs. its leaking between the rear of the engine and the transmission.
I took mines to the dealer for missing. Dealer said it was the torque converter. They had a known problem. Is it covered under a manufactor warranty.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Get worse as the engine gets hotter
How long have you had this problem? Two weeks

What seems to make the problem better or worse? It turns over but it acts like it isn't getting fuel
How long have you had this problem? Since I hit the bump
Getting codes on my 328 BMW xDrive 2011 misfiring all cylinders and retarded timing all of a sudden car running rough right after an oil change
The car stalls out after driving and screen says fuel pump malfunction but when hooked up to a diagnostic computer nothing comes up
Code reader is giving me mass air flow sensor. Is this all or more problems.
Is 3500.00 too much for ac compressor repair? How do I know if I really need this- blowing hot air. Dealer says I need this.
Oil filter gasket leaking reported during oil change at BMW dealer in Sudbury MA as mileage of 60k! I was told this was a common problem for this series, cost ~1200 together with belt tensoiner. Is there a recall from BMW?
It's the light closest to the center of the car on the driver's side.
I have water on driver side mat just before the foot rest after I wash car. The dealer said that's the normal design flaw on the car. Is it a common problem. He's says it's the way I wash the car. I'm just rinsing off like any other car, I'm not power washing it.
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