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Code reader is giving me mass air flow sensor. Is this all or more problems.

Is 3500.00 too much for ac compressor repair? How do I know if I really need this- blowing hot air. Dealer says I need this.

Oil filter gasket leaking reported during oil change at BMW dealer in Sudbury MA as mileage of 60k! I was told this was a common problem for this series, cost ~1200 together with belt tensoiner. Is there a recall from BMW?

It's the light closest to the center of the car on the driver's side.

I have water on driver side mat just before the foot rest after I wash car. The dealer said that's the normal design flaw on the car. Is it a common problem. He's says it's the way I wash the car. I'm just rinsing off like any other car, I'm not power washing it.

How much would this cost me to fix? And is it something urgent to fix. I also have wind noise on my mirror driver side? Does this problem ever go away ? :(

Warning light came on about a week ago. Stays on all the time. Online estimate websites don't address this problem. Warning amplifies the notice with saying problem is with airbag or belt tensioner or belt force limiter. I looked under the seat and there are no loose or disconnected wires

what is the solution ?

BMW High Performance Full synthetic 5w-30.

Recently purchased 2011 BMW 328ixdrive & the owners manual doesn't show a maintenance schedule. I've heard it's
built into the computer system" & it will notify me when service is needed or something needs repair. I didn't buy this at a BMW dealer & the person showing me how to use the controls didn't know anything so I still don't how to use the radio &/or how to check for service issues. Do you know the maintenance schedule for this vehicle? I know I need to find someone to show me how to use all controls & the BMW Owners Manual didn't help. Thanks.

A motorized and electronic noise continued for around 30 seconds after turning the car off. Any ideas?

It goes all the way forward and keeps running

The engine does not work stable, rapid acceleration and slow acceleration are combined with no oil, and gas blasting tempering, the exhaust pipe of black smoke, after adjustment, cleaning nozzle and the fuel filter, the fault is still.

How can you make a BMW 3 series E46 service light reset?

Switch works ok, just annoying to have it not solid in dash.

My 328ix has the sound like a pulse going down the road around 40-60 mph. Not a thump thump sort of thing, but a louder hum ever couple seconds consistently? Where do I start? brand new Michelins with less than 200 miles. alignment, or x-drive issue possibly? thank you.

Drove into my driveway and put car in reverse. The car reset and now drives in normal gear.

Note: I noticed for the past three weeks the car would pause for 1/10 second on occasion and then take off.

328xi sports wagon

dealer only gave me one?

Could this be a fuse ? is this a known problem ?

One of the MANY problems my car has is that I keep getting a triangle with a snowflake a short time after I'm driving my car. I do not have my air-conditioner on so what can be causing it?

I am having a few other, what I assume to be, "electrical" problems. My trunk doesn't stay latched closed and my passenger door has opened while driving down the road at 45 mph.

I just bought this car on Sept. 23rd and it has been in the shop five times already.

oil capacity of 328i x drive