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fuse box location

I was towing my car, just pullin it on all 4 wheels, mistake i know.
Then all 4 wheels just locked and the car just stopped.
Now i cant move it forward or back. completely locked.=/

I was told that the upper leaf of my rear spring was broken, and it needs replacement along with the rear shocks, and that this was common on this car. Is that true?

At first I thought it was the engine; however, it appears to be something under load. Meaning it only occurs when I accelerate. Nothing when coasting. There are no diagnostic codes or any lights on! The mechanic I use thought it was the carrier bearing, which I had replaced! Yip, removed the enitre exhaust system, heat shields, drive shaft, etc. to replace it, balance it and put it back in! I've had the engine tuned up, inductor plates cleaned, the mass-airflow meter cleaned. Still have the problem.

car want start afer changing the battery and i am not getting any fuel.

I cannot get car to start.

transmission seperated 1/4 inch but will not come back any more?



What is the cost to replace or fix lighter port - need for phone charger

This car has about 100k miles and most of the systems seem capable of working properly, however, systems work and then either don't work at all or don't work properly. Examples: Dash turn signal indicators/speedo/tach light work and then don't work. Memory seats either work or work improperly. Sunroof works, doesn't work, and then works improperly. Climate control dash unit, stereo, wipers either work or don't work. Sometimes dash light will work fine and then not turn off even with the key out. All fuses are good. Pulling some of them to reset seems to get some things working properly again but not for all problems and not consistently. It seems like it could be partial power supply connection problems to these systems but I am unfamiliar. Any idea where to physically start looking for this ghost in my machine?

i want to know how long it should take to replace the fuel pump shop time

I need replace the 6" diameter's speaker on the door. A diagram will much much help. The speaker will sound only when I ban the speaker cover. (i believe the speaker film is misalignment, change a new speaker is easier way. need to know how to tear down the door...

have pin hole in tank and need to replace

how do you change out a pcv filter?

this is my first time having this problem

I need detailed instructions on how I can replace the outer (passenger side) CV Joint boot on my 2004 BMW 325xi automatic sedan.

Repair shop tells me the front brakes are at 9%. At the same time, they say it's not urgent and can be dealt with on my next scheduled service. What does 9% really mean and how concerned should I be? Thank you.

it was running great . all of a sudden didnt start, battery is good and no dashboard lights on

I will be driving at any speed and drive over a bump in the road and my car goes bang. If I drive over even the smallest pothole I hear a very loud crashing sound.

service people said brakes were 85% worn

I'm looking at buying a 2004 325xi with 45,000 miles on it. I know the mileage is super low and I'm happy about that but concerned about future issues since I have reason to believe the car was not driven for long periods of time. What should I be looking for?? I owned an 02 330xi and have a good idea of what the costs are to fix BMW's and I know repairs can be quite expensive so am trying to avoid all that. Thanks

Hi - I just bought my first BMW. She is a 2004 325xi and seems to be in great shape. My mechanic is fixing a few little things but shared that he thinks it has been well maintained.

- What do you know now that you wish you knew when you first bought your car? Anything at all. Driving tips, maintenance tips, advise on dealing with dealer, extra keys, places to learn information, etc.

- What do you enjoy most about the car?

- Any changes that you made to the car after a few years that you wish you had done earlier?

- Anything else?


2004 BMW 325xi
Manual Transmission

I finally found my BMW! Took a while but I think I found one that had been well cared for. A couple questions.

- Prepurchase showed a leaking pinon seal on the rear differential. Is this an item you would suggest the dealer replace or can my normal mechanic do this job. BMW is $500. My mechanic is $200. Also, a few belts are worn (alternator, PS & serpentine belt). My mechanic is $150. BMW is saying $400. Anything special about these job that I should take it to a BMW dealer?

- Car has 91,000 miles. What should I plan on doing for the 100,000 mile inspection. I know changing the transmission fluid is definitely on the list. What else? My instincts tell me that the dealer should do the 100k inspection. Do you agree?

- My car has manual transmission with the original clutch. Any idea what the average life of the clutch is on a manual transmission? Does it make sense to replace the clutch at a set time/miles or just wait until it starts slipping?

- Last one. Oil changes. What is the thinking of the group for miles/months for oil changes. I know synthetic is a must. Any special brand?

I have a BIG grin on my face and am looking forward to enjoying the car!

Thanks - Doug

I notice a vibration when the car is stopped and in gear. Is this a big problem

High pitch whine from top driver side of engine that goes up or down with the throttle of the engine. No service engine soon light on or other warning lights are on. Otherwise car runs fine. What is the cause of this noise?

I replaced front drive axle, then developed differential leak, pulled axle again and replaced diff.seal now it is still leaking help.

A year ago, I brought my 2004 BMW 325 xi (81,000 miles) in for routine maintenance. When I picked the car up, the BMW shop explained that they found premature failure of the CV outer axle boots. Both boots were split and leaking grease. They replaced both boots as the grease had leaked, and the axle was were turning dry. This was covered under warranty. In December 2010, car was vibrating while riding. They stated they had to replace the right front CV shaft. They did this and the vibration stopped. Narurally, this was not covered since my certified car warranty expoired in July 2010. Should the defect to the CV shaft (axle) have been discovered when they examined the vehicle and replaced the boots in January? Could the left the left front CV shaft also be expected to fail? Is this a common problem. I am not sure if this car is safe, and I feel BMW shafted me. Is there a government agency I should report this to in case a recall is needed?

My problem occurs when I am on long trips, usually an hour or so into the trip. The car will begin shaking/vibrating as if riding on rumble strips when I accelerate on uphill grades. When I let off the gas, the shaking goes away. The shaking also goes away when I reach the peak of the grade and is not present when I am accelerating downhill. Yet, no indicator lights have ever lit. Naturally the problem does not occur when my very trusted mechanic test-drives the car, and his diagnostic machine does not reveal anything either. This has been occurring for over a year. The car drives great around town, but the problem will always come up on longer trips at road speed - 60 - 70 mph, usually after an hour into the trip. Suggestions? Anyone?

Looking to purchase extended warranty so I am looking for manger repair costs to help me decide the right policy

The pump had been replaced 2 months ago. The antifreez has been added one week agao. The car is parked outside. Sometimes it sprays and sometimes it does not.