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the reverse light pins replaced by dealer I think all lights on rear of car recalled but not reverse lt.
I have the run flats but it is still noticeable.
The above and power windows are out. Is there a common fuse, other? that could account for this?
Is there a fuse common to all of these systems, and if so which and where? Thanks.
when i try picking up speed in my car it feels like my car wont pick up speed and it starts to shake really bad. I have all new tires and my rims arent bent i just got a wheel allignment. It doesnt do it all the time but it does it enough for me to notice.
tried to get boost just clicking with all lights on.
1. when the speed goes above 60mph, the front of the car starts to vibrate. i can also feel vibration beneath the car.
i even got the balance and rotation test done recently. but one month after the test i have this issue that came up.what could be the reason for this vibration.

2. the other issue is when i start the car, the rpm needle goes close to zero and i fell jerks in the car as if its going to stop.

please reply

It's intermittent and tough to replicate, but it's audible with the windows down and it sounds as if it's coming from the passenger side as well. I can feel the noise slightly through the steering wheel as well. Also, when braking the steering wheel shutters at highway speeds when getting off an exit.
Could this have been damaged when my transfer case and rear drive shaft were replaced under warranty?
I went to my car one morning and it wasn't starting I then realized it was the. Brake switch so then I repaired it and drove it for 2 days then it didn't start again I'm getting all power in my car everything works just won't start my mechanic said it can't be the starter so I don't know what else it would be after that
the light just illuminated today after i had not driven the car for about 2 weeks is this serious and do i need to get the brake system all checked
I just purchased my BMW 325xi. I know the chassis number is E-90, but I don't have the Engine designation for the 3.0. I haven't been able to find it. Can you help??
The car stops running after a few minutes of driving, it will re start and drive again and stall again, all light come on dash including pdf indicator..
iv looked to see if anyone else has but i can't find any online only of the 325i
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