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Hi, I have a 92 BMW 325i my back signal and my hazard lights works, but not the fronts. Checked all the wiring and bulbs and relay everything looks good.

windows worked and slowly the problem began. sometimes they would work and sometimes all of the time they dont work. not the fuse. Where is the window motor relay switch located, what does it look like?

My 2001 BMW 325I's fuel gage indicator will only indicate a half tank of fuel when full. I removed the battery cable attempting to reset it, but that didn't work. Any suggestions?

Checked fuel components and electrical components, ignition system, plugs and wires, even fuel injectors are all good.
The internet points me to a CKP, I want to be sure before I spend more money. I am not sure where the CKP it is located on the inline v6 engine on a 93 BMW 325i. Starter fluid test failed, there is no ignition

I disconnected my battery and all the codes were 0 out . I have put over 300 miles on car and driven the drive cycle 3 times codes are not coming back. tech called dealer said they will not come back is this true?

My sunroof doesn't work. Not sure if i need new fuse's at all? Then my driver window won't go up. Maybe it feel of track how would i go about opening the door to put it back on? thanks for the help

My car is hard to shift to 4th gear and when i put it reverse it jumps out.

I added 1/2 RO gal filtered water. When I have it inspected and serviced Should I have a radiator flush service added? Can I easily do this myself with a "kit"? How common is this? BTW My radiator, hoses and cooling fan were installed new 2-years ago, thanks!

was serviced last night (oil change)and all sudden this morning itdo not start,it donot crankonly open the key annd shows EML NEXT TO service engine soon

Im attempting to replace the timing belt and have already taken the parts off the engine. How do I find the timing marks and how are they supposed to be lined up before i put the new timing belt on?

i have a bmw 325i 1995. was driving and transmission light came on...continued driving to safe area but before we reached anywhere the car started to overheat so we decided to just pull over to the side of very busy highway... turned car off, popped hood to let smoke out and car to cool, waited for tow truck to take car to mechanic....the problem did not repeat itself and mechanic can't find the problem. help! do not want this to happen again with my 3 yr. old in the car. thank you.

for some reason my car can't start yesterday, everything was working good, but we though that was battery problem, but its not everything work really good, i just want to know if this is something normal on this cars and if is easy to fix it and around how much going to cost me to repair my bmw??... can somebody help me with this..??
Thanks you..

At low speeds the exhaust noise is embarassing - is really loud; during most highway drives there appears to be normal exhaust noise (might just be obscured by wind, etc)?
Have had two shops examine exhaust system and have found no problems. Any ideas?
Also, the "brake light circuit" comes on frequently for no reason; may be off for days/weeks at a time then be on steady for a couple of days - any ideas on this?

CAR WOULD NOT TURN OFF!!! The key was turning around in a circle and the engine would not turn off. Car did not have the key in the ignition and the car was still turned on. Ignition switch seemed broken!

My "Service Engine Soon" light came on. Code indicates replace camshaft position sensor. Anyone know the charge for part and installation.

When run my car for a little while, the handle of the automatic gear box gets very and sometimes impossible to move

Just got my black on black '95 convertible 5mo ago, the top does not go down. Everyone in the Denver area wants a huge amount of money to look at it! I just wanna check the fuse but can't seem to find the fuse panel. Can someone help me please? e mail me

hard to shift in to gears first and second clutch is soft and sometimes i have to lift it to the up position

I need to change the water pump (should be a simple task)but I am having difficulty getting the fan shroud off. Any suggestions?

need torque specs 4 cyl head inline 6 overheated ue two failing electric fan motor recalled by bmw

I brought my 325i 1994 to a certified BMW mech to replace the radiator and a rear Bearing in the brakes. They replaced the radiator , thrmostat and housing, and brakes in rear. Then the next day , They said the battery was dead, Charged the battery and now it cranks but does not start. I drove it in the shop for the radiator. Could it be a faulty or mis wired Radiator coolant sensor? The mech says when that batt went dead it wiped out the computer and that it needs to be re configured. They been on this for a week now....
Help me out! I had this Vech for 5 years and it has been fantastic!

I have a 2006 BMW 325i.I have had a recent Oil change,new tires put on,all maintenece up to date.My elderly father drove it to put the tires on it and gas it up and shortly after the "Service Engine Soon" light popped on.I hate our BMW Dealership here,is there a simple method to reset this light that will not erase any radio codes,etc...I have seen another light on when the dealership did my oil change and the salesman hopped in my driver seat and did something around the area of my cruise control lever and turn signal and the message erased.Any instructions?

My service engine soon light remains on. I have taken the car to the dealer many times and they have yet to determine why. They clear the fault code and within a day its back on. No driveability issues have been experienced. Been on now for two years. Any suggestions?

I ask this question, because all four of my local BMW dealerships parts places gave me different information. Some say it is 65 amps/540 cold cranking amps. Others say 70/540, 50/450, 50/265. But I need to know so I get the right battery.

I changed the battery in my 2004 325i BMW. There is power now and the engine does turn over, but it will not start. Is there something that's keeping the engine from starting? Computer? Other? There have been no other problems with the vehicle.

i have owned my 2004 bmw 325i for a week and last night it rained really hard. i got in this morning to discover that my carpet of the drivers footwell was damp.. very damp in some spots. it was also damp on the carpet of the side transmission thing. i read somewhere that the vapor barrier could be damaged due to a window regulator replacement. could this be the cause?

I was told my 325i BMW had an evaporator core leak. I took it to another shop that claimed it is the hose(s) and fixed it. A month later the a/c stopped working, NOW they say it is the core. Could the leak have suddenly happened after the hose(s) were replaced?

the battery new

I have 50k and was told by the dealership that at 45k belts needed to be replaced. A mechanic told me they looked fine. When is it best to have the belts replaced?