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All of a sudden my car abs brake, service engine light, battery light traction light and theres an exclamation point when I drive, slow acceleration and very foul smell what could this be?
Idle control valve replaced, CCV and hoses replaced, MAF replaced, it's not showing any codes on test, has a new fuel pump, alternator , new plugs, valve cover gasket replaced. Any suggestions? Should I replace fuel filter and gas cap? What else is left that will effect the vacuum system, and correct this issue?
the odor is permanently.........this car came from New york.
Brake pads and rotors
im usure why this is happening .
checked the fuses, all were fine.
use a lot off coolant and oil don't see not leak

you can lock the door and the key doesn't work.
It has 75000 miles, and I recently replaced powersteering pump. I feel like its going to blow up or something is going to break. Whats my problem?
I have not seen anyone in any blog with a similar problem.
The lid cleses but doesnt lock down. Is there anything that I can do withut going to a dealer?
It has been scoped twice and they didn't find a problem. It smells like it is flooding and it happens every day now
After it starts, there are no problems
fuel pump but that didnt solve the problem
once running it performs perfect
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