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Turn light burned out, when'd I changed it. Something happened. When I turn on the left turn signal the right turn signal comes on instead.
It got spark and fuel
Dealership rates are outrageous and Sears option is fine I guess but not sure their parts are up to standard. Where should I go, I just bought this car and don't have a trusty mechanic anymore.
and nothing happen if i clic on the traction controle button
Recently ,I took tha car for oil change at Jiffylube and after I could not open the auto top.The light stays yellow.Could this be due to blown fuse or some switch turned off?How much it would cost to repair if it does need.
And, it started hesitating and then it just cut off in the middle of the light. Then I saw smoke under hood. What could it be?
bmw 318i 2001 model
This just start when I start the car. Put foot on the brakes the light go out. Then it would come back on, So I unattached the cover to see, if i had a burn bulbs. the one on right rear was fading in and out. So I change that bulb. the sensor went off and now it's back. I have the no turn signal or right brake light at all. Everything on the driver side is working fine. I don't know if i'm using the right bulbs. Need to know the correct bulbs.
Dealer checked they say short in fuel
One shop had dmi modules is good
One shop security code is lucked
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