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all systems (running, brake lights and turn signals), are working. Sometimes the display shuts off on its own. Other times it stays on for hours. Any ideas?

There are no visible leaks under pressure.

Trunk won't open electronically, gas hatch won't open electronically, top won't go down, IF windows go up, they stutter open once key is inserted and won't go back up.
Interior and trunk lights blink.I charged battery for approximately 90 minutes and everything worked perfectly for one day, battery went dead after two days without driving, so replaced battery and all above problems continue.

There was antifreeze that leaked out

Making a noise when turn right

As I'm driving when I start to give it gas a thumping noise occurs from the rear of my vehicle sounds as if its coming from the trunk.

When I give it gas it feels like the tranny is skipping

it happens when i am stopped and right when i start it up and at random tomes while driving

Where's the engine coolant fan RELAY on a 2002 bmw 530i

I just had the 60 mile service done at 62K miles I'm only at 63K miles and its asking me to add 1qt of oil. Does it burn off that fast? I do not have any leaks I can see.

I just bought a 2003 bmw 325i every time I put gas it does not allow the pump to literally pump gas it clicks everytime I push the trigger on the nozzle what is the cause of this?

I replaced the wiper relay and it still doesnt work. I also tested the motor and it works fine.

bought a used bmw x3. one side has a non dynamic xenon .The original is dynamic xenon that works. Non dynamic will not turn on. Can they work together ?

The screen went up but after pressing the button again to lower it it wouldn't drop

Blowing out hot air from the air conditioner and defrost on the coldest

just bought car that had one key

Hi all,

I am looking to buy a 04 BMW X5 4.8 is at a dealer. Upon test driving, there was a strong vibration in the vehicle at idle. As I drove the vehicle the vibrations went away, however, the vibration returned as I came to a stop. There were no other noises, brakes work awesome, the vehicle has an awesome pickup. No unusual sounds were detected by me. However, I am concerned about the vibration. The car has been keyed bumper to bumper, tires are in good condition. The dealer is asking $11K, Can anyone advise as to what would be a good price for a vehicle as such? Thanks, much, in advance.

Received a error message that transmission failed and to drive moderately.

something was in the way in the trucnk and when trying to open the hardtop it jammed and will not move up or down. How to reset it?

p1093,p0313 are codes that came up55c4 also

it runs great and does not seem to have any problems except perhaps a computer glitch?

I turned the car off and turned it back on the light is off but my signal lights will not come on not even on The dash , the light doesn't flash green on the dash and i don't know why

fuse for airbag

Will not accelerate but changed twin turbo

I rebuilt my DISA Valve last night but am curious what the signs are that the valve is bad without removing and inspecting.
What improvements should I notice after rebuilding the valve?


Both occurred within one week of each other.

C an I change dash clusters without having to change odometer reading like in my Chrysler T&C?

the car drives at a reduced speed,until i shut off and restart car.. what is wrong and how much will it cost

The air will not heat up unless my car is running