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All fuses in fuse box work except fuse 13. No power coming across connector for that fuse.
This has occurred when I first got the car a year ago. On first start up the car runs rough doesn’t want to go. Once it’s warmed up after about 10 Min’s the car runs great. Husband drives car doesn’t let it warm up and keeps driving engine light comes on and gives drivetrain malfunction.
There's an empty relay socket in my 95 bmw 740i I plugged a wiper relay into it and it was the wrong socket and relay now car won't Start and can't find any info on the empty relay socket
I have a problem with my 2001 325xi BMW when I put my key in and twist only my radio comes on and I have to take it out and sit in the car with my key on my lap for 5 minutes then it will start I have to do that every time and when I am driving it will randomly go into limp mode please help
hello question...i have 2008 bmw 328i sport my problem is...turn on the a/c and the blower running very fast whats is the problem,.....i need to replace the coolant sensor and where is the location
My car was over heating (BMW 528i 99) and I noticed a crack in the expansion tank. I replaced the tank, and the car is still overheating. Could it be the water pump? Nothing is leaking.
Not able to see anything on instrument panel

It will overheat idling the top hose gets very hot ,temp goes in the red ,fan will not run even with a.c. turned on
my navigation display monitor screen is now white and blank and not working. can you give me an idea what is going. have 2007 bmw x5 and my name is David Willis. Thanks !!!
It didn't rev up all the gears shiffted, but prdal goes straight to the floor and no idling noise at all.
Mechanic said I must have hit something on the road and caused a ding in the right rear wheel. He said that I might need to replace the wheel not the tire.
It recently started happening. Doesnt do it all the time. Also i recently purchased the car 3 months ago and it does not have the original size battery but it has been running strong.
While I waa driving my shows an error message that reads ignition fault and I stop since then it doesn't want to start please help
Everything else on the car works but when I accelerate past 60. That’s when problems start and it slows down on its own.
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