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I was told I need a fan motor for my bmw

remote is recognized when inserted but can not start when remote is in car not inserted in dash

hole & then my fob won't stay in what can the problem be

While I was driving the vehicle every dash light such as the abs, brake and air bag light, along with my check engine light appeared then my steering locked and was very difficult trying to maneuver then the car jumped out of gear and died after this I jumped the car off but when I took the jumper cables of the car it died again and the trunk won't open along with key is stuck in the ignition in the off position. Does anyone have an idea of why it did this

vehicle hesitate at acceleration and starting

I had the vehicle jumped, but now I have no stereo or communication all I have is a blank screen.

After trying to reset the oil light the car will not start. Will not turn over.

All electronics work, car won't turn over

It was fine I turned it off and it has power but won't turn over

What type of transmission fluid should I use?

the screen comes up disc not supported

The battery went dead and it activated now can't start car

does the bmw 330ci automatic transmission speed sensor have a wire lead?

Ive made sure the gas cap was on tight until it clicked but the light wont go off. I need to get it smogged. What could be yhe ptoblem and how could i fix it

Is the fuse box in the trunk the one that has the cigarette lighter fuse in it? If so which fuse is it and what size is it?

did not know it was going bad. very little indication when starting car.

Dealer said it was going bad

why, on occasions, after idling a few minutes, and then driving the car, a puff of blue smoke comes out the exhaust pipe.

If it does start then it run for about 5 second then cuts off

When starting the car after sitting 3 months had to be jumped. Then started fine but engine runs in low rams and in spurts. Won't change when stepping on gas and can't drive it. What could be wrong?


At startup, it idles a little rough for about 5 seconds and then is fine. Now, if I accelerate fast (not like a race car driver, but faster than usual), it accelerates with a split second hesitation and immediately begins to vibrate so rough that it feels as if the engine will die and it feels this way in any gear (and the check engine light comes on). If I turn off the engine for a few seconds and restart, it restarts normally as described above and drives perfectly until I accelerate quickly again at which time the vibration starts all over again. I took it to a mechanic 4 days in a row with this issue and get hooked it up to the computer which gives a different code as the issue each day. PLEASE HELP!!!

no crank . batt was replaced 2 months ago was running fine then one day no start

Resister worked great for 1 day then stopped working. Can they be bad out of the box?

Turned the car off for five minutes, went back outside and all of a sudden won't start.

I took the car in for a service and I still get same message. BMW shops cant find the problem.

Whenever I do hard braking I can feel 1 twitch in steering wheel.

The motor for the convertible top won't work - the repair bill in this area is astronomical. My question is - can you have the motor rebuilt?

my ac not working

the beeping happens on and off as I drive and continues when the car is turned off.