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The squeaking sound comes out everytime you apply the break pedal.
The car mentioned here is a Year 2013 BMW 528I m Sport model.

Appreciate some highlights on my problem.

The battery keeps draining and I have to jump the car. I have recently replaced the battery but the electrical drain persists. Also, when I turn the car off the control display stays on for about 10 minutes after turning the car off. The radio cuts in and out.
Temperature is set @ 78F and it takes about 2 hrs to see results. Usually set temp b/w 72-75F
I replaced the master and slave cylinder I bled it but when I started it I lost all pressure in my clutch and wldnt go in gear I had also pulled out a thin piece of metal bout 2" long when I took out the slave cylinder so since replacing tht didn't Wrk I'm guessing my throw out bearing r something in the transmission messed up so I'm tryin to figure wat clutch kit goes in the trans
I have a broken window in my 2003 x5 BMW and the only windows available to me is the same window but from a 2010 x5 e70
lights go on. Dash lights blink on and off; hear the rattle sound. engine wont crank over. Solenoid may not be connecting to starter.
the heat/cool roller switch on dash puts out hot air no matter what position the roller is in. Some cool air comes out of the side vents, but warm air in center vents when roller is in cold position. I had a similar problem with my 2002 X5, but it eventually worked itself out and have not had that problem for 5 years. Is there a fix for this other than taking apart the whole dash to get to that valve unit? I have been told that is a minimum 7 hour job just to get to it.
owners manuel says use a brand approved by bmw
I need the size for a 2011 bmw 328i my key remote I had to cut it in half in able to take out the battery but know I need to replace it with another new battery
Synthetic oil
1. The dashboard and entertainment boards are normally supplied with power.
2. It takes about 20 hours for the engine to restart after the engine starts.
Temp Guage not going hot, replaced thermostat 4 months ago, so I don't think it's thermostat.
My car is leaking coolant and i had a new radiator installed what can it be?
key turns on and lights come on but no starter noise
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