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My temp gauge only goes up to the middle where it normally is at operating temp. However I know my car is getting hotter than that and I can hear the coolant bubbling when I pull over. What's going on?
Happens for the first 10 minutes in hot weather
The AC button will not stay on in order to keep the vehicle cool

Hi, I took out a fuse by mistake with the ignition on, climate control is completely dead and engine warning light came on, fuses ok, but climate control is still dead, i removed engine fault code with a diagnostic tool, but still reading: p1635
data bus powertrain: missing message from air conditioner control, any idea?
New tires are on with proper pressure. Reset and confirmed new settings as required. But TPMS still goes on after 30 secs or so.
where do all the plastic guard pieces go?
On my 2005 audi a4 1.8 turbo
There"s air bubbles in cooling system coming out of the coolqnt reservoir, the car starts fine and it runs fine, no overheating, i ran a compression test and the compression is ok, theres is no signs of cooolant in the cylinders or on the spark plugs, computer doesnt register any fault codes, if the sits there for a couple of days it has a hard time starting but runs fine after it starts, theres no white smoke coming out of tail pipe. I checked all the basics as far diagnosing a bad head gasket is there anything else that can cause the air on the coooling system,
Car has 55k miles & has numerous squeaking sounds after getting it back from body shop. It was involved in a front end collision. Upon taking it to the dealer I’m told the suspension bushings are shot & it’s about $1100 to repair. Can this be caused by the accident
I have a Audi A3 2008 and it will not start I have a newer battery and everything comes on it just will not crank up
Shifting is very rough'
The hesitation to start is on the initial start.
When pressing the button to close the top, the deck id raises 1-2 inches and won't open any further. I was able to open the roof with no problem but when I went to close it 30 minutes later it just opened the 1-2 inches and stopped.
While driving there are no warning lights or any signs of a malfunction. The only way to stop it from beeping is to disconnect the battery.
Barometric pressure too low
Audi checked the compressor and replaced the gas in the ac system. All seems to be ok but no cool air is flowing from vents
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