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When pressing the button to close the top, the deck id raises 1-2 inches and won't open any further. I was able to open the roof with no problem but when I went to close it 30 minutes later it just opened the 1-2 inches and stopped.
While driving there are no warning lights or any signs of a malfunction. The only way to stop it from beeping is to disconnect the battery.
Barometric pressure too low
Audi checked the compressor and replaced the gas in the ac system. All seems to be ok but no cool air is flowing from vents
My transmission in my 00 Audi A4 Quattro 1.8t recently went bad. I am just wondering when looking for a new transmission, does it need to be the same exact one? like does it need to have the same transmission code and same year? I really need help on this one.
Overheating when you go over 40 mph

No heating

Loss of power
I replaced the ignition coil, whole new distributor and there's still no spark. Could it be the Motronic ECU? Does the Hall effect sensor from the distributor go to the ECU in the first place?
Into connectors?
It lose power and had to start it again and will drive and later the fault comes back,the mechanic tells me to look on wiring on trottle body and accelerator.It says basic settings and adaption needed on trottle body,it was done but still fault comes back.
I need to replace it .
my car is audi a6 2007 2.4 ( 100,000 mile)
first the battery was very weak, this may be cause unstable start of the car, but after the car running for about 10 km. then went off suddenly. when i turn the key again to switch on, hard noise taking place in the engine!!?
2 questions on the telephone.
1) Jeff is the main driver of this vehicle but Susan is listed instead.
2) Can't figure out how to answer the phone but it may have something to do with the Jeff/Susan issue.
I'm on my third set of tires in just a year of having my new car. Was told I'm an agressive driver when I changed them the first time. The car is all freeway miles, and not my primary car. in three sets of tires my brakes are in perfect condition with not even a squeak. How can tire wear be fron aggressive driving when brakes are good
I have read up On this issue and everything points to the transmission control module under the floorboard. The problem is it gets wet (somehow) . I’m wondering if there are any other problems that could cause the vehicle to not be removed from park, besides a bad transmission control module(TCM) please help! Not used to working with foreign vehicles!
Where is the fuel vent cillonid located. Or the cold start sensor.. My Audi is fluding when warm
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