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Windows won't roll down; convertible top, trunk and gas tank flap won't open; and security system won't function. I think that's a relay, but I don't know where to look. Help! Thanks.
Every day. If you turn the ignition on for 10 seconds and then turn the key it does not miss as badly. This only happens on initial start up any time of the day. It has 80k on the clock. Not sludged no fault codes.
Recently purchased used car in Italy. Because of the language barrier and peolple thinking all Americans are rich I'm leary of the price quoted. The shop stated all my motor mounts need to be replaced. The car doesn't vibrate but it does have a deep creaking sound when releasing the clutch out of first and when going over speed bumps. Would this be a symptom of motor mounts or something else. Saw another post about the front sway bar.
This just happened for the first time - any suggestions?
Is a problem, in your mind, buying a used 2011 TT
Coupe with 60,000 miles on it ?
How do I take this housing off in order to get the battery out and then replace the fuse housing? Thanks
I turn the ignition (I have a manual), push the brake and clutch. Its getting plenty of power (and i did try to jump it anyway). But won't turn over. It sounds like it wants to start, and like it will any second, but the engine never starts pumping. Please help!!
Battery drained after about 10 minutes of running. Both battery lights and EPC light on.
Noise has started today. Whinnying noise occurs when driving and also stationary when turning steering left to right. I have checked the fluid level with engine turned off and the level looks ok.? Is it safe to drive to a garage to be checked out?
I have just bought this car and have since noticed small patches of oil my drive way. I have checked the oil level and it seems fine.
if its wet outside when i start up car a loud beeping sound begins which resets then goes off again in this pattern for about 10 minutes
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