Audi TT Quattro Questions

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Car is not starting completely
I just bought this 2001 tt roadster with 1.8 turbo & it is getting hot but not leaking any coolant. Took top radiator hose off while at an idle & nothing was coming out
Replaced the battery and now the car will not start. There is no power to the car. Almost seems like the security system has locked down. Only fault code is for upstream O2 sensor.
I just changed the timing belt with water pump and serpentine belt. I just bought the car but had no clue as whrn the last time it was changed. Could it be low coolant sensor? When the car has been running long enough to warm up and can turn it off restart it and i hear no beeps.
When quattro shall “kick in” its not happening. At the moment I do have regular TT, quattro in working at all. Apparently left rear ABS sensor was found faulty and was replaced but the problem prevails.
I keep getting a convertible roof error message stating that it can not open at that time. I had it repaired once, but it immediately started having a problem the day after I picked up my car. The dealer set they reset the computer. It worked once, but the second time I tried to open the convertible it started happening again. Now it will not open at all. Has anyone else had this problem?
need to fix power steering pressure hose just bought ity any tips? and also going to install a catless racing exhaust from magnaflo looks really tight space under hood ne easy way for these jobs?
I have audi tt the emergency flash coming on and still flashing both the engine start or stop and the vehicle lock or discharge battery ..please help
still overheating
What other issues should be looked at
Got a speeding ticket and I KNOW I wasn't speeding. Lawyer wants speedometer calibrated, but shop tells me it can't be done on all the time AWD.
Tried console button to open fuel tank lid to check for tight gas cap and lid wouldn't open. Manually opened it, tightened gas cap, still have same problem. What's up?
won't connect with any reader no check engine lights car running fine.. help
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