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I drive a 2015 Q7 3.0 TDI(Old Shape), with a 8 speed tiptronic gearbox. When it changes to 2nd and 3rd gear the refs pick up but the car does not pull the way it should! Almost like a manual car, who's clutch is slipping. If I leave the throttle, it seems to engage quicker in the gear, and then it starts to pull the way it should!
The more throttle I give the more it seems to slip! Please let me know if anyone has had this problem, or some info off what the problem might be?
When engine is at about 3750 - 4000 rpm it cuts in and out. It never did it before but has started doing it. It has been plugged into a computer and there are no faults. Any ideas please. It is the 3.0 TDI.
Few days ago I tried to drive my car and it did not go more than 5 mph. The engine was running but the car barely moved. Took it to the dealer where I was told it was the oxygen sensor, they replace it, but it did not resolve the issue. Now they are telling me I need to pay 3.400 $ for a new turbo catalyst converter. any advise?
Blows in the rear zone...worked fine yesterday
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