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It wont turn on or off

Could my struts be going out? Or alignment?

we stored it for the winter , moved it the replaced the battery now it won't go into gear, its locked in park

saftey mode. what could the problem be. it starts goes into reverse, will go into drive but wont drive above 30 miles per hr for the most part

Not sure is it's related, but the shift buttons on the steering wheel don't work either-nor does the manual +/- on the shifter.

I'm having issues w the front suspension on my 2001 audi allroad wagon. i left it in an outdoor lot for 2 wks as I traveled for holiday. there's been a lot of rain in this area and i only have outdoor parking. when I returned from my trip the front suspension was shot. the car bounces on every little bump in the road and scratches from hanging so low. the rear suspension is fine. do you have any guess to what the issue is and an estimate on repairs? the car has 108k miles on it.

thank you

When my fuel indicator goes to just below the half mark my glow plug light flicker on and off and if i dont top up my fuel it just cuts out it is just been starved of fuel..when i top up after some time of turning ignition it fires up

can i use fix it flat in air bag to hold up

Everytime the brakes are applied the warning symbol/tone comes on. The brake lights appear to work fine with the exception that the brake light on the hatch comes on with the headlights. The tone/warning light began when the rear undercarriage struck the lip of a ditch I was going over. Did find the rt side brake light bulb was seperated and changed it out. The tone is annoying as hell and I would like to disable it temporarily until this lighting issud is fixed.

After driving a little while and my engine heats up the dashboard cluster starts beeping and the oil light starts flashing. At first I thought it needed oil but didn't. I don't understand what the problem is. .

Just bought. Needs alternator (killed battery); replacing tomorrow and already have new battery. Rear suspension is up, front is down (remains this way with car running and also while off). Start the car: does not self level, compressor does not engage at all, ESP switch controls in dash do not illuminate (no power to switches). All fuses are still good with verified power to them. Was thinking originally there was a leak but now seems to be an electrical issue. No codes.. however, the dummy light is on in dash for air system. Any ideas and or direction would be very much appreciated. Thank you for your time. Good Day

City driving mostly. Southern CA. No salt or harsh road conditions.

Check engine light is on but engine runs like a top. The mechanic said he needed nearly $3000 to do this- more than the car is worth.

I just bought a used 2003 Audi allroad and I was warned b4 I put the car on a lift at a a local macanic shop I have to shut off the air suspension or the airbags will blow. Problem is I don't know how. Please can any one help??

and stay on for a few minutes then turn off. After several minute they come back on again and continue...

How can I make the tail lights shut off?

For some time oil seeps from engine onto exhaust, Audi service guy claims it's at a stage 2. I'm a joke in my town whenever I roll to a stop and the burning odor reaches other motorists. I don't find it amusing.
Love my Allroad!
Any info appreciated?

Just looking for the location of the fuel filter

mileage on car : 68,000. Should thermostat not last longer?
is repair necessary without having incurred problems?

mileage of car : 68,000. engine light on because of thermostat...does it need to be replaced or can one safely postpone this repair?

All engine seals have been replaced, including cam. Tech tells me I have to buy a new head. I want to find a less expensive way to fix it. They tried putting JB Weld on the outside, front of the head, but it didn't stop the leak.

dash light flashes-pump sounds,front end not going up at all, diagnostic reading says replace front suspension sensors

When in level one and I want to go to level two it seams to take forever. It is the same on going up to any level.
Pump low pressure?? or leak in somewhere in piping?
What do you think is the obvious fault??