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As many others on this site, our Audi has started filling up with huge amounts of water when it rains....and dumping it on our feet and out the rear a/c vents etc. The plenum tray is clear....but we have been unable to locate the plug to release the water that is sloshing and gurgling around constantly. We saw a youtube video of an A6 where the owner pulled a plug and tons of water rushed out onto the ground, but we cannot find a plug in our 1999 Audi A8. Please help!
I had to replace the old one and so i need the original code, so the new one can be programmed
with AC on or off. right turn water flow from drivers side of console the opposite for left turns.
Any issues with this model?
When I start my car, the esp light is not on but as I'm going down the street maybe 15/20 mins later, it pops on and stays on until I cut the car back off. This is happening everyday. Does it have anything to do with my brakes?
I have a 2000 Audi a8 with the 4.2 V8. I was driving along last week and everything was fine and suddenly I lost power and the RPMs went to idle, when I pushed onthe has pedal, the RPMs would drop, and I had no choice but to pull over. When I stopped, the idle became rough, and the engine began to sputter then died. The engine would try to start to no avail. I diagnosed the problem as a bad fuel pump and replaced it. After the new pump was in the car started right up and ran fine for a few minutes, but then it started sputtering and died again, and won't start again. Shortly before the the problem originally occurred the check engine light came and I ran the codes and it came up as a bad mass airflow sensor, and temp sensor if I remember correctly, but I was very busy and didn't have time to change them. Could the problem be the sensors?
I have a 2006 Audi A8L W12 and can't figure out how to use the ECO feature to turn the A/C compressor off but still have the climate control (say heat) on. My 2000 A8 just had an ECO button on the dash (easy right?) Now I have to go through a lot of S/W screens, and still can't find it. Anyone help me find it. It just doesn't make sense to have to drive in the fall/winter with the A/C compressor always running, burning up more gas and adding extra ware to the compressor. Can anyone help me?
Anyone know how/where to plug in my IPOD for music. Can't find any Aux/input connectors to try. Possibly the red and white out put connectors in the trunk from the DVD player? OR from the back of the radio, is there an Aux input. I have searched the glove box where the CD changer is and don't see any inputs. Can someone help me?
I always have to crank, stop, then crank again to cold start it and it always starts. If it has run with in 15 min, it will start right up. If it sits off for more than say 1/2 hr, I have to crank (say 5-6secs) stop, then crank again and it will always start up. Its like a valve is slowly leaking allowing the gas to leak back into the tank, and I have to wait for the fuel pump to pump it back up to the fuel injectors. Is there such a valve? I have checked and can't find any external gas leaks. This problem has gone on for a year. I used to cold start right up in 1-2secs every time. Can someone help me?
I have not had a problem with my car starting until freezing temp's. will starter fluid possibly work?
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