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my parking brake light abs and brake shoe light come on new brake shoes an d roters ebuilt caiburs on back

Since then it will not start not even with a new battery , can u help me with this ?

screen pops up but a makes rachetting sound

also have lost power and its very rough on gas

Sometimes when im coasting down a hill, my car also cuts in and out without pushing on the gas. What problem do i have?

Are the bushings worn down? Can I fix it with limited knowledge and tools?

Sencer keeps throwing a code

Just need brake fluid ? Really hope it's that simple.

Parking Brake Warning Light came on without warning. Stays lit even though parking brake motor appears to be engaging and disengaging brake when activated.

even in idle when i warm up the car, the smell comes out, like something burning. can that be from the exhaust muffler? or thermostat? however engine temp gauge is normal -no overheat-

Buzzer ringing when feet is on gas buzzer stop when I touch brakes

Car stalled and wasn't able to restart the car. Checked the fuse that wasn't it.

Apparently the ABS electrical system is fried how much change the whole electrical system

Let it sit for a couple of hours and was able to drive it home. At the time all the lights on the gear select where blinking. What should I do repair or get new car

VAG codes: 16539, 16684,16875,16876

Car seems to run fine, looking for least expensive way to pass NM emissions.

Beautiful car/runs fine 126K VAG codes: 16539, 16684, 16875, 16876.Trying to find least expensive way to pass emissions.

Beautiful car/runs fine 126K VAG codes: 16539, 16684, 16875, 16876.
Trying to find least expensive way to pass emissions.

Thank you.

dash symbol for head lights indicates that cars automatic focus for road conditions is not working.

My warranty company denied paying a claim to replace my cam position sensors because the emissions control system is not covered under my warranty. Is the cam position sensor a part of the emissions system?

The camshaft solenoid was replaced to fix check engine light with fault code P0024. Check engine light reappeared after a month with same fault code. I was advised that I now need to replace the timing chain, tensioners, and guides. According to the technician, the timing chain may have stretched a bit because of wear and tear. Which is causing the check engine light to reappear.

E or plenum ? It is the green plug one I am looking for the cable runs under the plenum. Any help would be helpful.

Took car to dealership it been diagnosed has the ac compressor . The cost qouted was 4k. Very mechanical minded

I have to place it in neutral when it engine dies and restart it. I dont know the problem. Please help. Thank You

while driving the car is jerking and feels like it wants to go off

As many others on this site, our Audi has started filling up with huge amounts of water when it rains....and dumping it on our feet and out the rear a/c vents etc. The plenum tray is clear....but we have been unable to locate the plug to release the water that is sloshing and gurgling around constantly. We saw a youtube video of an A6 where the owner pulled a plug and tons of water rushed out onto the ground, but we cannot find a plug in our 1999 Audi A8. Please help!