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Oil leaking at the bottom
what are signs that your head is cracked or gasket blown ? car works perfectly but overheats and the radiator cover pops out. thanks in advance for any info.
and the coolant light stays on , is there a code or fuse I need to replace, reset and where is this?
thank you
It slowly stopped on me in traffic and after it came to a complete stop i attempted to start it and you can only hear that its trying to start but wont.
How much will it cost to replace my alternator, parts and service
when the light are on brake light signal appears but all the lights are working
Do u think its the transmission? Or the chain in the transmission has broken? Its the first time this has happend. What is the best thing to do to solve the problem?
The garage can't be sure until they take the gear box out but this is expensive.Also many local dealers don't want to touch it.
All other seat functions work. Base moves lumbar, just the back will not go back up.
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