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neither door swich or remote will open it
While driving my car for 30 mins only had 4 days 05 AudiA6 car stop while driving Will Turn on and crank will not move engine
Where is the fuse for the transmission control module located
I want to paint my brake calipers red
We were told the bezel was replaced and only needed to program the climate control. The defrost is all that works. No heat. No AC. No way to control temperature.
As soon as I pushed the button the car just shut off and I put it in park and turned it back on but it's done it several times today?
Possible blown head gasket, car runs but sounds and feels compression in the spark plug chamber. water and oil mix in the spark plug housing.
never had an issue with car since purchase. Maintained well/ self maintained. Currently after ten or less minutes of driving the pedal becomes non responsive and then after an hour or two of rest the response returns and the cycle restarts. I believe it's an electrical issue and hopefully a home fix. Any insight?

Is there a way to bypass the sensor for the key box to sence the key I have the key I lost the sensor box
Hi guys maybe somebody will know why my car will not start. Everything was working fine until 3 days ago i came home after 2 hrs i wanted to go somewhere and the car wouldnt start i tryed to jump start, got new battery nothing helps when i plug in the obd computer there is no codes everything else is working fine it just wont crank. Any ideas?
I stopped at a red light, when I took of it seems as if the car did not shift out of second gear. Also on the instrument panel the selector parking, drive and neutral indicator does not show the position when car put in drive or any other position. It has been highlighted behind the letters. Does anyone have and idea ?
Alto flowing from both
No ware near the horsepower of my 2005 Scion XB. But it runs smooth and the XB has the prias motor
Why is the Audi such a dog
it feels like I am in first gear but its an automatic
looking into buying 2006 audi a6 3.2 quattro need to know cost of repair on replacement of belt or chain whichever applies
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