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Got P1113 code, changed bank 1 sensor 1 w/ OE non-wired Bosch sensor. Code cleared w/ code computer, but check engine light is still lit. No other codes popping. Checked oil and gas caps, both tight. Will the CEL clear on it's own after a set # of miles, or is there another method to clear it, like disconnecting the battery?

do i have to press in the bushing

The engine is making a knocking sound at cold start up... If I rev it for a few seconds it goes away and will come back intermittently once its warmed up... I have replaced just about every bolt on part within the past year (Unrelated) Timing belt, tensioners, water pump, turbos, intercoolers, hoses, clutch, flywheel, ac compressor, starter, alternator, PS pump... I'm thinking it may be a cam tensioner what do you think?

Ok so I know this has been rehashed on multiple forums but I haven't seen once where the 03 A6 Quattro was the auto under discussion. About two weeks ago I got an MIL, a couple of days later it went off, then came back on after I filled up. So I pulled the error code and it was the OBD P0941 Torque Converter Solenoid Stuck Off message. I had code cleared. I talked to Audi service shop and they said that the only issue with this code would be decreased fuel economy. There is no need for transmission fluid flush or new TC. So my question is are they right? And if so I wouldn't want to drive around with my MIL constantly on, so is there anyway for the code to clear? Please help!!!

Good day Readers.Thanks for all the expert advice.
I took my Audi A6 2.7T 2000 MODEL IN FOR A MAJOR SERIVE,I REQUESTED A PERFORMENANCE CHIP AND WAS TOLD IT IS FINE.After the car had been in for 4 weeks they told me they cannot put in a performenance chip as the car has 190.000 km and it will put a strain on the gearbox and they scared it might break the gearbox.I went to the workshop prior before they were finished and looked at the job card and it stated car does not select gears.Did they mess up my gearbox. Thanks Anton

I have a 1998 Audi A6 Quattro and have been having problems but can't figure it out! My car died out a few months ago and I assumed it was either the Alternator and/or battery since I have a sound system installed. *The sound system has been in for close to a year before this problem started. However, my battery is still new fairly new, just not sure if it has taken a beating from my sound system... A friend of mine told me that when I jump start my car I could test my alternator by taking off the positive and negative wires from the battery. If it dies out it is the battery, if it stays running it is not the battery. When I did that, the car stayed running so I assume it is not the alternator. Not too sure if that is 100% guaranteed though.

So I jump started the car and it started right up. I drove it around for a few hours. Came home, turned off the car, waited for about 6 hours. When I went to start the car last night (after sitting for 6 hours) it started right up again, my girlfriend drove it for about an hour or so with no problems. The next morning (today) we went to start the car and it started just fine. My girlfriend was driving to work and when she went to check the mail, she turned off the car. When she came back to start the car it didn't start! So she had her dad come down and jump start the car. It started with no problems, then they drove it to his house to park it. Waiting for a diagnosis...

Any input / suggestions would be helpful.

Battery? Alternator? Or a short in the electrical somewhere?

Hello just recently my A6 from take off felt sluggish when first driving off. It fills as if I had the parking brake on when starting to drive off. Then as I build up speed it fills normal. Also on the instrument panel the selecter parking, drive and neautrul indicator does not show the position when car put in drive or any other position. It has been highlighted behind the letters. Does anyone have and idea ?

What is the main cause for a trans to get stuck in limp mode? Can you use a regular OBD2 scanner to pull codes or is the dealer the only one that can get them?

Why would my GPS stop working?

Sun visor clip broke off on passenger side.

The passenger seat back on my 2010 Audi A6 stopped reclining. The seat will move in every other direction...up, down, back, forward and even the back on seat can be brought forward. But, the back of the seat will not recline or go back from the position which it is in. Any suggestions?

How do I know if my Car shares the fluid from the Transmission and the front differential? The right side if the differential is wet?

My car is shifting hard when its put into gear and while it is in motion! It had did this once before but then stopped for weeks, then a couple of days ago the same problem arose, but it continues to shift really hard and rough! I'm unsure if my tranny fluid is low b/c i don't know where its located! Could my tranny fluid be low? Or do I need a new transmission?

to intalled the timing belt what kind the tools i need to use and where to find


estimated cost for replacement and labor for cam shaft sensors x2.

My check engine light, abs,and air bag light is on. I recently had o2 sensors replaced and now the car is running very poorly. There is little acceleration, misfires, and just a terrible sounding engine. i took it to a foreign car specialist who said that the computer is shorted out and needs to be replaced. I need to find out where it is located so that I can get the part number to try to find a used or remanufactured one myself. where is the computer on a 2001 a6 quattro wagon?

The car stopped running a few months ago and had an authorized mechanic look at it and states it needs a new transmission. What should we do and about how much does it cost to relace the transmission?

how to install ac condenser

my dash lights are all most all burned out, how difficult is it to replace them?

I have been told I need to replace ALL the control Arms for
$1600 - there is no uneven tire wear / pulling to one side -
not riding smoothly


I will have added approximately 1 1/2 qts of oil since my last oil change 5k miles ago. I change the oil every 5k miles. It's not burning it as far as I know becuz I passed CT emmissions with no problems.

No leaks that I can see also.

Is this usage normal for this engine?

Thanks for your help.

Miss fire# 2

Where is the Thermostat located?

What is the resistance rating/number for the O2 sensors on a 98 Audi A6 Quattro

Audi A6 transmission output shaft seal leak needs replaced.

How do I go about getting the old axle out of my Audi? I have both ends loose but I can't seem to get enough room to wiggle the axle out. I have removed the shield from the transmission and took the bolt out of the bottom of the shock.

heater wont heat! air get cold but heat wont heat.

Where is the Auxiliary fan control switch located.

My heater is not working at all but the air is working great.