Audi A5 Quattro Questions

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why do i have to pay an extra amount every time i get an oil change. Usually around $200 for an oil change. Oil change charge plus a cost to reset the computer.
I own Audi A5 Quattro 2012 and because I was leaving the country for 3 months I was advised by my father to disconnect the battery in the car since I'll be away for this long! Now Iam back and I realized since I disconnected the batter I am not able to open the trunk of the car to re connect it again! I tried to look up for videos how to unlock the rink but couldn't find anything! Please someone guide me step by step how can I open it.
Car had accident may have to replace front headlight if it is broken
Could this be a problem with a fuse? What can I do?
my slip joint is rusted tight. should i hit the ujoints on and off of the steering rack and pinion so i can get the transmission out to repair it?
check engine light was on and fault code p2099 which is the turbo lost
I've changed the manifold,#1fuel injector,filter,spark plugs and coils,map sensor-purge valve..ran down all the gas twice...engine light back on..still running lean
does my 2013 A5 have timing belt or chain?
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