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no power to brakes on a few occasions brake pedal goes hard while trying to brake

It Is 2.0L SLine

what could cause this because I service it on time

Job 1: Replace engine coolant thermostat and temperature sensor $914.00 plus tax (My dash temperature gauge fluctuates from cold to middle of gauge during drive. This is the reason I took it in for diagnosis)

Job 2: Replace driver and passenger front suspension upper link inner bushings $776.00 plus tax

Job 3: Replace driver and passenger side engine mounts $1,010.00 plus tax.

The dealer tells me there are no leaks. The gaskets are good. The service manager says the oil could be getting burned through the turbo. Any ideas?

no more to say

When the steering wheel is straight, the care sways slightly to the left, and when i let go of the steering, it sways to the right
and the front tires got badly worn on the inside
I checked my allignment and changed the tires, still it presists

Could my oil pick up screen be plugged .

it happens when i turn sharply into a parking bay or turn. this is after i have driven it for a while and it is warmed totally cuts out.

need to replace

The panel has been torn off is there a way to manually override it and move the seat if not how much does it cost to get a new panel and rewire it.

How does the rotor come off the front ? Is it pressed on ?

In thought it might be flat spots on my tires, thats what it sounds like.

Blows ac fuse even when all fans , compressor, controll unit unplugged.

I cant make any adjustments to temp.temp is "stuck" on 73 degrees. Can't adjust fans, temp control. Can't engage the defrosters, etc. What does it sound like? Thanks

i own a audi a4 fwd 2.8l 133000 miles on it no check engine lights im noticing a power loss and a slight noise coming from exhaust/engine workings under the passenger side im starting to think its the cat converter im kinda low on fundings and im wondering if i could weld on a magnaflow cat converter? and how much would the price range be for install of either the replacement stock part or the magnaflow universal

the car has been through 2 motors so i would like to get a new motor and have a certified mechanic install it

I jumped my friends car when i first got it, which now i know was really bad for my type of car. It's been doing this for about 3 months now.

It's an A4 2.8 L. Thanks!

the car jerks when you start the car and wen u start to drive it, it doesnt go in the right gear


I have a leaf spot on the passenger side of on the rear top cover. The top is not working. It will sork but not completely. Can the hydrolic be refilled or just replaced.

how do i reactivate my car key

first time repair this car

Think my heater coil has a leak, anyone had this problem with their audi? Does anyone know the repair cost?

car has 92k miles and has had "0" issues. this is the first.

How much to repair a torn timing belt on a 2005 Audi A4?

How much to repair a blown head gasket?

Have a no crank situation on 97 a4 1.8 engine.Car will start if I turn ignition on and jump starter leads.I have bought 2 manuals, neither one shows complete wiring diagram. It appears switch is ok when checked.I dont have wire diagram as wires leave transmission and by the fuse relay

the fan is not working so i have no air..