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Got AUDI A3 S, 2005, Bensin, Manaual. Noticed when car parked/driving on uphill, left rear wheel make a wired noise (like letal noise), seems when the springs are compressed all to the end, then a little movement on the back cause metal to metal noise from rear wheel!? What is it ? or what could it be?

Engine light wen on code says is the knock sensor
hi to everyone recently I had buyed a audi a4 2003 model 2.4 but a\c is not working please let me know how much it cost . and how can I know my exact model of my car.
I just had my Audi a4 2003 trans replaced. It is a cvt trans code ggt.
The car now runs, however, the windows and top will not work.
The battery was out of the car for about a year. Do I have to program something or what?

Maybe a sequence of switches need to be hit.

Don't want to take to the dealer.
is there a program i can download to my laptop that will read from my audi 2003 a4 3.0
I don't k ow if I have to take my Audi to a specialist and I want to make sure I'm not getting ripped off by being told I'm getting the high end part but they are really using a used part or a cheap "universal" part there are not a lot of shops around here and there are a lot of complaints about the ones we do have my cars check engine light came on today I have 148000 miles on it but it doesn't stay on and it doesn't seem to effect any power no noises in the engine but the exhaust does seem a bit louder than it should
I think im running into the same problem a lot of people are having, I have a 2003 audi a4 Quattro 5 speed and my speedometer, odometer and cruise control do not work.I ordered the vss and my car has a plug in the spot that sensor would go into. Ive read a lot of different post saying all different types of parts are needed. Im trying to figure out what part is needed and were is the best place to order it.
I took my car to the repair shop to find out why my car was leaking so much oil. The repair shop informed it could possibly be oil cooler went out due to the oil was circulating into the reservoir coolant tank. Where the coolant goes there was a oil mixture .Then it could also be a blown gasket. I just need a second opinion on this please.
2005 audi a4 ac evaporator is cold but blows hot air could that be the heater control valve
Hi i change the coils and sparkplugs on my audi and cilinder 4 said i have misfire and we reset the car for few days is fine and the check engine light turns on
I had #1 and #3 ignition coils changed 3 months ago and I noticed the same misfire symptom today when accelerating. I also noticed a minor shake when driving, but nothing like 3 months ago when the first 2 went out. The engine light didn't come on nor did the car start shaking violently like last time.

I have a friend who can take a look and change the coils for me in a few it too risky to wait that long? I commute 50 miles daily in Chicago traffic. It's all highway, but a lot of stop and go.
displays wrong gears and the gear lever is emitting a grinding sound. sometimes the vehicle just comes to a halt. i have to switch it off then on to get it back in motion. whats the problem and how do i solve it.
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