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the sound is just when i brake either hard or smooth. When is really smooth it does not sound. However the sound is quite loud

I need to check my transmission fluid to see if I need some.

this is the error i have at the tester check ,and the question is if i can replace this senzor or i have to replace entire EGR or EGR valve ?

He checked level and it was low so he added oil but the light won't stop flashing and there is a chattering sound at low rpm's. Any ideas? FYI, he just replaced the coil and alternator.

My AUDI A4 2001, got water in the brake booster and started to freeze the brakes and recently the brake is holding the wheels and rims and get hot and crashes itself once in a while in progress and ABS and ESP lights on panel
I took water outo f the brake booster but problems remain. what do I do? what is the problem? I ask for help ...

I've got a Audi A4 1.8 T s-line petrol 2005 . my two tires on the back , they are wear inside . my garage told me , I need to change the upper suspension arms . but could you explain me what is the cause of that problem with the upper ? thank you

it has a new battery and will start if I use jump leads

I'm just testing this :)

sorry that last one didn't come out right. Does anyone know how to replace a heater coil, or know of a link that will give me step by step instructions on how to do it?

me a step by step instruction on how to do it?

and a loud beeping noise came on as well

climate control set to 80, as engine warms up fan comes on and increases as engine gets hot, ice cold comes out, no heat.
last year audi in warick RI replaced radiator to fix this problem. been working fine till last week.

Stays on constantly...

Auto air conditioning has been running very well, cooling is also very good. Is to open the way, suddenly gone, the fan is gone, what amazing?

Very hard when turning the stering wheel but there is ATF what can be the problem

I will like you to do full service to my car but the problem i am in zambia how can you do it ?

one day i discontect the battery and put it back it is failling to respond it is behaving as it is misfaring and loss of power,again i tierd to change the plugs super 3 it fails i put it back the original but still the problem is there,i need your advise please

We know its not the batteries in the keys, but something in the car. Does anyone know what the problem is or what it would it cost?

The factory alarm keeps going off on my audi a4 especially when it gets above 100 degrees outside. What could be causing this?

I tried the same thing of switching the heater on in the afternoon and nothing happened. I don't know if it was just a coincidence.

starter turns but don't want to start ,but when u push start it ,it stars.this happens 3 to 4 times a week

and the light is blinking. It stops for a while and come back on. What might be the cause?

A week ago my key simply kept turning in the ignition and was locked in place. I had the part ordered and have the trim and old part off. Also the steering is currently locked as well. I have the new part connected to the electrical and in the cylinder but there's no way to keep the part in place and the key has to wiggle to even allow the switch to fall all the way in place. It will allow me to push it in but the key wont turn and I can only get power, no engagement on turning the starter at all. Any advice or questions for more detail are greatly appreciated. Thank you.

just didn't want to take anything off that we didn't have too

P0366 was code

also when I go into 5th and 6th gear to accelerate more there is no power and car shudders

can you advice what i can do as it is stuck in my garae thank you re forty1947

can't find the body control module

It came on yesterday, when I was driving on a heavily cendered road, but it did not go off after I got back on good pavement.

when i push it in it just seems to stop doesnt go any futher they are the exact same is there something i am not doing for this to happen