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Wheather the engine are hot or cold it makes a load grinding sound

The car has just a bit over 100k miles on it, clean record and no accidents. This would be my first Audi to own if I were to buy it, so I don't have enough info about it. Any advise on buying this car, engine performance, reliability and maintenance. I was wondering what will I be looking forward to fixing in this car over the 100k such as time belts and others? What are the pros and cons on this car?

My 2002 Audi A4 "PRNDS" started flashing and remained in a stop whenever i come to a complete stop after travelling for a little miles and i got to know that the problem is with the TCM.

I have the same symptoms for a misfire caused by ignition coil or spark plug failure but i don't see my year on the recall list. Is it possible it is something different?

When this first happened the codes that came up were P0300, P0301, P0303, P0304 and P0116. These codes cleared after read. Replaced coils 2 & 3 but the car still misfires and stalls. It idles fine. There is no local mechanic familiar with Audi's. Thinking the other 2 coils are still bad and that is causing the problem.

My car failed Smog inspection for small leak in EVAP system and system too lean bank 1, OBD2 code P0171!Please send response to e-mail address, thanks!

What is the type and size of the bolt that holds the crank position/speed sensor in place?

My gears won't go into reverse or anything else it turns on and I can't seem to find the issue.

My 1997 A4 quattro 1.8T was parked over the summer and I did not realize the battery had died. It starts fine, idles great but won't rev above 2k or so then drops out and comes back drops out and comes back. I am assuming the ecu or fuel inj. comp. eeprom has lost it's program.

I just took it home from the auto body and repair. The next day when I drove it, upon acceleration from a stop light the engine light came on and was driving sluggish upon acceleration and the engine revs high, doesn't seem to be auto shifting correctly, also don't think the mph odometer is gauging correctly. I feel I should take it back and notify my insurance there is more damage to the engine then initially estimated that needs to be repaired, however, concerned they'll claim it's an unrelated issue.

I have an Audi A4 2.0Premium and occasionally when i turn it on it will stutter like it has a hard time turning on or will cut off when i start it on the first time. The 2nd time i start it, it will turn over fine but if its a problem i can fix early before it becomes a bigger problem then that would be great.

sure where are the gasoline cable quite? because my Audi A4 are dripping gasoline like that some one have cut off the cable.Before from that cable its came out water?

when driving wont show speed ???

Car will not go over 20. Car sat for a month and had to be jumped. Never surged until then.

why when i put key in ignition lock i get all the lights and everything but cant start engine?there is no respond at all.nothing starter dont react.have push car and it start i can drive but if i turn it off i cant start it again.have notice that when try to put key in lock it go little harder and one more thing now steering wheel dont lock when key is not in.

car was knoking.put it on machine it read some thing was rong with tentinoer i took cover off it ,timing belt and tensionner was lose

need to run secondary air monitor to verify repair. don't want customer to come back angry

diagnostic code is P0722. Comes on and goes off periodically. How much does it cost to fix?

hi can somebody help me i need special tools for audi a4 3.0 V6 to put engine in phase.where can i buy this things in calgary?

it feels like almost skidding or transmission slippering.