Audi A4 Quattro Questions

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Oil has been changed also
How much will it cost to put new brake pads and rotors on the Audi
No want to star
All lights work, after an hour or so, will not start. But it will crank but won't catch.
I hope to fix problem my self. Water at car wash or bumps seem to trigger it to work briefly
Its an automatic transmission.
u should pay for my oil bill ur very unhappy audio owner thank you
my car starts and runs but wont move only one axel moves when i put it in gear. it is a manual transmission
When I rev the motor with the clutch released, the speedo display increases.
I jacked the car up to free both front wheels and with the engine off and the car in gear, I can turn the wheels easily
It doesn't whine while parked and reving the engine. Only makes the noise while under power. Doesn't make the noise while cruising only when I accelerate.
Air pumps don't work, nothing. Front wheels rub ride real low and bounces.
Audi a4 b7 2.0t. Removing my intake manifold/fuel rail but I can't get it out. I have all the mount bolts and screws off, all hoses, electrical connectors, and fuel lines are dissconnected. When I pull on it I can see it separating about a 1/4 inch but it feels stuck in the middle. I'm scared I might break it. Any suggestions on how to remove this?
How much does it cost to reset the electronic panel and keys?
What is the proper procedure to retime everything?
I know its under the car but I have failed to locate yet. thanks for any info you can provide.
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