Audi A4 Quattro Questions

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Just put new engine I didnt miss any plugs dash lights up but wont start crank nothing at all
anybody know what this fault code is about.
My engine light keeps coming on amd a sign saying epc then car is loosing power asif no petrol supply or fuel lines arnt supplying petrol to car it hesistated to go
Barometric pressure too low
Looking for opinions on which car is the better buy for daily commuting etc:work Thank you

I test drove both cars and was pleased with how both performed

buffalo.craigslist. org/cto/d/04-audi-a4-quattro/6568918097.html talked him down to 3200

offerup. co/WOpVUY8uMM for $3100
Only issue is the guy said it was an 06 and when I went to test drive it I get there and it’s an 04
My transmission in my 00 Audi A4 Quattro 1.8t recently went bad. I am just wondering when looking for a new transmission, does it need to be the same exact one? like does it need to have the same transmission code and same year? I really need help on this one.
I need to replace it .
Upper and lower control arm bushings,
Left and right engine mounts,
Rear main oil seal, Alignment,
Front and rear brake pads rotors and sensors,
Radio and park brake repair,
I was stuck in the snow in a ditch. while I was trying to get out my car overheated and died...kt would turn over after that but wouldn't start. Then it quit turning over, it just clicks and it's not the starter
While cranking my car it turns over fast . While not starting , we can hear what sounds like rhythmic piston pushing air out of compromised gasket. Thank you!
I was pulling out of my garage today and the garage didn't open all the way and took my sharkfin cover off. I went to the dealership and they said it would cost over $1,000. I looked online and found many shark fin covers for very cheap. Does anyone have anymore insight on this problem?
I'm on my third set of tires in just a year of having my new car. Was told I'm an agressive driver when I changed them the first time. The car is all freeway miles, and not my primary car. in three sets of tires my brakes are in perfect condition with not even a squeak. How can tire wear be fron aggressive driving when brakes are good
Just trying to figure out if thier is a different name for this cuz I can't find the part anywhere if u look in the manual it's a small hose he said it was number 10.
Brake pedal is hard to push. Very little brake stoppage when applied. No warning light or trouble prior to problem. Brake pads getting close to replace. 125,000 miles. Emergency brake works. wife had similar problem with a buick. Problem was anti-skid device.
About half way over sounds like it takes a breath and klunks out does not stop key from coming out anymore all lights and key fob acting accordingly I heard u any have to reprogram the cumouter after replacing battery or could this be a start issue?
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