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My Audi A4 Quattro 2006 hard to turn . No noise .what could be the problem?
Please help me to find the problem on this Audi A4 2004 don't started because have a circuits the front light started crazy in the pump gas don't have power the pump I check is working but in the sistem is not working, I check the fuse the relay but nothing ?
Light first on early November 2017 then turned off by itself. Back on mid December. Dealer changed air filter, added fuel additives. Dealer thought to be carbon deposit. Returned car to me. Drove 50 or so miles, light back on. Car has been at dealer since 12/26/17. We've replaced the fuel pump. Light still on. I always use 91 Octane/Chevron w/Techron gas. What's next?
When heat set to high [84 degrees] I am getting cold air
There is oil in the water reservoir. There is no water on the dipstick. Is the cause with the head or head gasket or something else? The car runs well and smooth. The car has not been driven for well over a year. I don't notice any smoke coming from the exhaust.
I have recently started feeling and hearing a rumble when accelerating in the front, mainly the right side of the car. The car is does not seem to be having issues getting up to speed and is quiet and smooth once up to speed. Any thoughts are welcome.
car starts and idles but when it hits 1400 rpm up to 2000 rpm it idles rough, anything above 2000 rpm runs fine
Can you disable the 2hr driving alarm??
I was driving down the road and noticed my driver side headlight wasn't working got of to check and the fog light didn't work either checked my turning signal that didn't work as well I've checked my fuses there all good changed my bulbs tested my light on the other side and it worked fine can anyone help me out seems like it has something to do with the connection that goes from the to the light

quatro A4 1999 2.8 L 100,000 miles only
I looked in the trunk and found info on car with a 4 digit number what do the codes usually start with because I don't want to get locked out
panic sound started had to manually open the door...then tried to turn on ...nothing happens only esp light steadily lits on cranking lights on after open door...wont able to start a car
How long have you had this problem? today
I have had this car since Nov 6, 2016. Mileage at that time was 96,000. Current mileage is 100,250.
Oil leaking
Periodically, clutch pedal fails to return all the way to the fully and engaged position when car has not been driven for several days. Pulling it up and then pumping pedal seems to restore full function for a while. Master cylinder replaced, problem remains. Slave cylinder not leaking.
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