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How much will it cost to put new brake pads and rotors on the Audi

No want to star

All lights work, after an hour or so, will not start. But it will crank but won't catch.

I hope to fix problem my self. Water at car wash or bumps seem to trigger it to work briefly

Its an automatic transmission.

u should pay for my oil bill ur very unhappy audio owner thank you

my car starts and runs but wont move only one axel moves when i put it in gear. it is a manual transmission

When I rev the motor with the clutch released, the speedo display increases.
I jacked the car up to free both front wheels and with the engine off and the car in gear, I can turn the wheels easily

It doesn't whine while parked and reving the engine. Only makes the noise while under power. Doesn't make the noise while cruising only when I accelerate.

Air pumps don't work, nothing. Front wheels rub ride real low and bounces.

Audi a4 b7 2.0t. Removing my intake manifold/fuel rail but I can't get it out. I have all the mount bolts and screws off, all hoses, electrical connectors, and fuel lines are dissconnected. When I pull on it I can see it separating about a 1/4 inch but it feels stuck in the middle. I'm scared I might break it. Any suggestions on how to remove this?

How much does it cost to reset the electronic panel and keys?

What is the proper procedure to retime everything?

I know its under the car but I have failed to locate yet. thanks for any info you can provide.

Would i have to drop the tank to get fuel filter out?

The oil was changed and reset by a shop at almost 67k

how can I tell if the car computer is working or has burn out, car starts but idle goes up and down,and car wont go more then 20 mile per hr

navi system will not reset pushing power button on/off

My Audi just started making the tapping sound from the bottom of the motor and an Audi mechanic told me it is the timing chain extensior. How much will it cost for me?

I have smoke coming from that area oil smoke

Gas smell inside vehicle and found gas under hood on top of motor on manifold so you replaced fuel rail, injectors and o rings and car ran good for a day and next morning hard starting and never started hard before and gas leak was back. What to do now??

Just started occurring

need to decide if to buy an extended warranty and which one - they offer 5 options- powertrain at about $2200 to a platinum which covers almost everything at $3424.

Wining noise when I turn the heat on car not getting hot enough Luke warm heat every time in the morning start up

Replaced the crankcase vent valve with OEM parts and light still hasnt turned off. I need help ASAP ive lost a lot of MPG and a lot of power!!!

all lights works radio but vehicle will not turn over

How to replace it

Sometimes it wont shift to first gear and sometime it does and vice versa with the second gear

I was just wanting to know what parts will & will not work on my car.

anti freeze leaked on the driver side from under the dash board.