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the car will only work in manual
Replaced the battery and now the car will not start. There is no power to the car. Almost seems like the security system has locked down. Only fault code is for upstream O2 sensor.
Recently purchased this vehicle at 28K miles. Been driving for four days and ABS, Electronic Stability, Tire Pressure Monitor System and the low tire pressure lights all came on at the same time. Anyone know what this could be?
I stopped at a red light, when I took of it seems as if the car did not shift out of second gear. Also on the instrument panel the selector parking, drive and neutral indicator does not show the position when car put in drive or any other position. It has been highlighted behind the letters. Does anyone have and idea ?
I can purchase the hose for $30 but I would need a mechanic to change it for me. What is the average cost to have a mechanic change the coolant flange in my audi a4 2006
I know its under the car but I have failed to locate yet. thanks for any info you can provide.
29K on my Audi. When doing the front brakes do I need to change the rotors as I still have 20% left on the pads.
also have lost power and its very rough on gas
Alto flowing from both
I just changed the timing belt with water pump and serpentine belt. I just bought the car but had no clue as whrn the last time it was changed. Could it be low coolant sensor? When the car has been running long enough to warm up and can turn it off restart it and i hear no beeps.
When quattro shall “kick in” its not happening. At the moment I do have regular TT, quattro in working at all. Apparently left rear ABS sensor was found faulty and was replaced but the problem prevails.
Sometimes when im coasting down a hill, my car also cuts in and out without pushing on the gas. What problem do i have?
The oil pressure symbol came on
I checked the oil and it was alright
The engine didn't' sound any different
Would i have to drop the tank to get fuel filter out?
The oil was changed and reset by a shop at almost 67k
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