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I got into my vehicle this morning the car felt like it wanted to cut off and the engine light was flashing. I drove only down about 4 blocks and turned around and came back home the light went off for a few seconds a...
The car just died one day while I was driving it the oil light came on right before it died checked the oil it was real low so I added a qt started right up drove a few days happened again what could be causing this
Took to dealer had spark plugs done now they tell me cylinder head bad cost 1300 but there was nothing wrong with it before that truck has been there for a week
Hello, Everyone, I have my 1995 Volvo 940 Turbo that stalls in reverse and hesitates on take off. The following is a breakdown of what has been done so far: 1. Initial Issue from March to October is hard s...
Over bumps knocking sound need to stop, reverse back up a little then drive it stops till I hit another bump. replaced driveshaft still does it but a little better.
It jus fell out, what hold it in ?
? is should i change valve or valve and solenoid light comes on for an hour than i dont see it for days than again for an hour so on and so on
Sometimes I have to rock the car or park it on an incline to hear a click so that it will start again after I have turned the car off.
when i got in my truck the abs light and the stabilitrak and traction control light came on. i have a 2 inch lift, 33 inch tires, and a true dual exhaust. could any of these mods be causes to the lights coming on?