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car is misfiring at 3000 rpms & it wont shift unless gas is released & the engine knocks when is idling.
I already changed plugs & cables.
also the fans don't seem to be working can that be a problem to the cooling system?
SRS- im assuming means service?
Caus ti to missfire?
What blew out? It's a 5 cylinder engine with 5 wire connections into holes on top of engine. Is my engine shot or repairable. Thank you for your help.
trying to fimd out how to set the marks on the timming belt
How do i fix the backseat belts they wont retract in my 1992 acura vigor
How do i fix the backseat belts they wont retract in my 1992 acura vigor
Sometimes while driving the speedometer will show 40 mph when driving 30mph?
I am changing intake manifold gasket, do I need to use silicone plus gasket or only gasket?
The front door locks will set off the car alarm when unlocking the door with the key. this tends to happen more often in the winter but has now become almost a constant irritation.
how difficult is it to put a new heat blower in my acura how long does it take n how much would it cost i know the part is like $175.00 but how much would it cost to fix it
where do I put the transmission fluid? In my Acura vigor 1993. It's low.
where is the cold start valve or injector on a 1993 acura vigor
Acura vigor starter. What do I need to reset the radio code? If the battery is already dead, and I swap out the starter and then put in a new battery do I still have to reset the code?
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