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About to get on interstate when transmission didnt want to shift, car then lost all power and shut off. Would not restart. Had to be towed. Pool of antifreeze under car within minutes. Help! Friends car and she is fre...
When you first start the car the heat is fine at 69-70 degrees. After about 20-25 min. of run time the air is cool. Have to turn up the heat 5 or 6 degrees to get any heat. Does anybody know why?
Can't find headlight assembly for my acura RL would Honda fit it or any other?
Is it fixable? I can not tell how fast i am going or how many miles i have driven
I have a standard integra and one of the oroblems it came with was the bushings of the gears. Its really hard to shift gears. So now who was about to fix the bushings tells me its the transmission.. The car still r...
So had issues with my car not always starting. Seemed like it was mainly when I would drive around running errands so the car wouldn't sit much between. I would turn the key to start and it wouldn't there is no noise ...
Or should the dealership that I purchased it for that says they cover bumper to bumper on the vehicle responsible?
I was wondering if anyone knows if the coil springs for the strut for a 1999 Acura TL will fit my 1999 Acura RL.. Thank you in advance.. Tammy
Our navigational system/radio stopped working. When we took the center console apart to find the wiring, we seen that the wires had melted. Nothing else was affected just the radio and nav system. We can't see where t...
When I start my car 141,000 miles in the morning or after sitting for a few hours it is fine but if I drive home from work about 30 minutes of driving, run in the house and change, or stop at the store, when I start t...
Just tring to replace it but cant find it
Also the transfer case that's attatched to the transmission for the 4wheel drive
shifts hard, the D light doesn't come on when in drive . the speedometer goes crazy !
Trying to link my cellphone to my car but the handsfree link is stuck on booting mode
I have a 2007 RDX with 58,000 miles. Recently, while driving on the highway, the car went left and I couldn't correct it with the steering wheel and crashed head-on into a barrier at 65 mph. Upon inspection, the adjus...
So after changing the alternator for my car. Everything seems to be running fine and shows battery is charging. However, the electric charge indicator light stays on. Please help!