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My battery has been checked and that doesn't appear to be the issue. I am curious to know what the reason for both the parking brake and battery lights could come on only when im stopped at a light or idle. I had a collision repair done to my back right door, and yesterday found out that my power windows for that specific door's window doesn't work and the door doesn't open from inside. I'm taking it to the collision repair shop tomorrow, but I'm interested in knowing if this is an unrelated problem to the electrical mishap with the collision shop.

Thank you,
Rowel Zaya

When im going anywhere between 20and 30 mph my transmission feels like im hitting rumbles strips for a couple seconds. This happens randomly

You need to get the word out there

When I connect my A/C Pro DIY gauge to the low side it is in the red. The relays and fuses are in great shape but it still blows hot air. When I cycle from cool to hot I can hear everything cycling and working. Could you please help? Thank you.

car stuck in drive

when I turn the key I get one click, then totally dead, no interior lights at all, no other sounds. put in a new battery, still nothing... I've seen a lot of posts about the hands free link (hfl) draining the battery, but no one mentions if they have the same 'symptoms' so not sure if that's it...

No power to fuel pump cranks then sounds like it runs out of gas changed main relay and fuel pump. Car also stuck in park any ideas please help!!!!

The problem started with the headlights going out, the AC blowing warm air while I was driving. When I stopped the car and tried to restart it starts for two seconds and then goes off.

Just drove it home and parked it just a couple hours after I moved it into some shade so I could go and take out my after market radio and speakers (keep in mind it's only been a couple mins since I started it) once I got done' taking everything out and putting stock radio in I try to turn it on but nothing it cranks but won't start I didn't do anything but take off the wo re that powers amp which goes from amp to positive on battery that's it!! Rest was just your regular wires that go to back of radio I don't what could cause it. HELP ME!!! I checked everything and I can't seem to find anything wrong

my drivers side door look button is unlokcing but not locking them. so i have to manually open each door an lock them before i go into work...its getting annoying. can i get some advice?

Whether I'm in auto or manual shift mode on my tl it is slow to shift from first to second gear and once it shifts it does so rather hard how can this be fixed

Does the onboard computer give any information concerning the ac?

when I start my car,two minutes into driving it, it over heats and blows grey/white smoke out of the tail pipe. and I just got a new battery it wont stay charged.

It's not only my head lights but all of my interior lights. This morning my car would switch on. I was told it could be my battery or alternator.

Driving home from dealer, the car just stopped. wont move in or out of gear. Loud clunking sound from underneath.Tow truck driver said the piece i found on the ground looks like part of the right front axle/ bushing. Could the mechanic have forgotten something that caused this ?


that the power steering and brakes be "flushed". The dealership said today that the power steering fluid was leaking and that the brake axles front and back are at a critical level (2 and 3, although I don't know what that means). Not sure who to trust and how urgent these fixes are.

list the maintenance and repairs that are suggested

Hi I bought my car not too long ago and I was driving and my car started jerking and misfiring. Every once and a while when I'm at a light it will idle weird like it wants to cuff off I was told the a/c idle valve needed to be clean but my engine light,Vsa, and my little triangle light were on. I think my car goes into save mode when all of these lights turn up because my car will not rev over 3,000rpm. I usally pull over and turn the car off and turn it back on and just the engine light will appear and the triangle and Vsa go away I took it today and had my check engine for codes. MAP(p0108) and camshaft sensor(p0344) i think it will resolve the problems if I have my map and camshaft replaced. If anyone knows how much labor is for both parts? I know where to get and have them installed how much is labor? Also if I want to merge with traffic fast it will jerk and not want to go quick

Took battery out to change starter. Must have left it out to long. Everything works on the car but the following.
Air Conditioning will not turn on. Heat will not turn on. Fans will not turn on. Defrost will not turn on. Lights on climate control dash are not on. This is not a coolant issue. I believe the ATC Module needs reset. Anyone know the codes? Or must the Dealer do this.

After getting a wheel alignment, I was told that my rear lower control arm needed to be replaced because it couldn't be adjusted which is causing wear on my tire. I shopped this work around to a few other shops and one shop told me that the rear lower control arm on my vehicle couldn't be adjusted. The folks who did the alignment said that my wheel couldn't be adjusted because the control arm needed to be replaced. Could it be that the control arm simply needs to be replaced and that's what's causing the abnormal wear on my back tire?