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It occurs when driving at a slow speed. Diagnostic code P0740.
this issue just started today. when i go to turn the ignition nothing happens except the lights come on. i just replaced the battery and had the breaks done. the mechanics said it is in excellent condition however all the sudden the vehicle wont start unless you turn the ignition and leave it turned to the on position for approximately 5 seconds then it'll start. could it be a starter, fuse, spark plug or the ignition itself?
After new battery, stop for two weeks and started again. First time it went off it was off and on for two day.
The car was just in for repair for this issue. New front brakes and a master cylinder were installed. The pedal still goes to the floor. The mechanic says it is normal. Is this normal? It does not seem right to me.

I disconnected the battery, and the radio to get cd stuck in it and connected them back and now no power
My 1999 Acura won't shift when I accelerate but as I slow down I can feel it shift
Could this be caused by the cylinoid sensor in the transmition or is it shot?
I had to replace the powering steering hose. Since the replacement, I am hearing a loud sound from the powering steering when driving. The mechanic said air has gotten into the pump causing the noise. The age and the mileage are leaving me doubtful to put a great deal of money repairing the car. Is it worth the investment?
on floor heat setting temp. cooler on pasenger side ,but if raise temp higher drivers side to warm but passenger side comes up to comfortable. would like to repair myself but cant find info quit right on internet
My 2005 Acura TL has 111,000 miles. I think I should replace my timing belt, but I am wondering what else should be changed or replaced my car.

when im drivenan when it start to change out it goes in its gear with a hard shift were you can eel it shift out
Only things is slight stall when I come to a complete stop and gas mileage is horrible codes being thrown are bad o/2 ssensor bank 1 sensor 1 and transmission range sensor but car shifts fine..
That is followed by my tcs light when I start driving engine almost stalls wen I come to a complete stop
ABS light is on
when attempt to use device to see whats needed, it errors out saying unable to communicate. This same response is occuring for the check engine light, unable to communicate.
i replaced the water pump on this thing, then replaced the radiator because it blew as well. all was good until the top heater core hose blew. fixd that then the bottom hose on the heater core blew, fixd that so now i have just about all new components in my cooling system.
today the radiator blew its top, literally, it blew so bad that there is a crack all the way across the top of it.
why is this happening? it has been overheating during this process.
the car din not over heat at all and was running great until the radiator cracked open.

thank you
I have been able to start it by by-passing park, putting it in neutral, pumping brakes and gas, moving steering wheel back and forth all while turning the key. At some point during this madness, something catches and it starts. Many coffee's spilled in/on shift area, due to poor cup holder design. I bought an electrical cleaner (fast drying), but cant get the shift ball off in order to really get in there to clean it. What else could this be? Thanks in advance for any/all help.
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