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When i have driven for a while the water is really hot in the radiator and it kinda steams out a little bit at the radiator cap so the motor looks dirty... How can i fix that??
My car is reading o codes and it is cutting off randomly in the afternoon. I've been told it could be my key. Does that make sense, or does the key just cause a problem starting the vehicle?
Everything electrical shuts off... and the green key light then I put the car in park and restart starts back great-usually..problem appears to occur in the heat of the far it has not happened in the morning or evening
replaced spark plugs. did not help.
My car is at 144,000miles. It a makes loud road noise coming from the rear wheals, I have scalloping tread on the rear/right tire and there has been fluid leaking on to the inner rim of the right back and front tires. I just recently took my car in to get an oil change and the mechanic suggested replacing the front and rear shocks. Due to right rear tire tread damage. However, firestone suggested that the half shaft on the rear/right needs to be replaced. The car was also T-boned about 2.5 yrs ago on the rear/right and am now having to get my tires rotated and aligned every 6 months due to increase road noise.
I am not really sure what my next move is. I know that I need to get this fixed
My question is how much should this cost? What questions should I ask to make sure that I am getting the actually problem fixed? Will I need new shocks if I replace the half shaft as well? and will I need new tires after all this is done?
Thanks for your clarity in this foggy situation.
Passenger strut has broken 4x in 2 yrs. Pops/pushes out of housing. Replaced 1 wk ago, barely drove car, & returned to auto shop b/c started making similar banging noise over bump. New strut looks like the nut holding strut is being pushed/forced up on its screw from below. Strut also looks like it moved more toward right side (toward motor). Still holding but concerned b/c it was barely used & already looks odd. Auto shop fixed nut but no advice re: what is causing strut to keep breaking. Just pointed out other things they want to & said "some cars are just weird like that". This is a machine, there is an answer somewhere. Need help finding it or we will have to junk the car. This is 5th strut, please help with any advice on cause of breaking strut!
the right font headlight burned out. How do you replace it?
There are 198,000 miles on the car
CODE P0141
Drivers side floor board wet. Especially when it rains.
Checked for sunroof leak as well as windshield and window. Floor board still wet.
Mileage, about 60,000. Drive 9000 a year, mostly highway.

есть ли кнока в капоте как на дверях которая в открытом состоянии не разрешает закрывать двери и где она находится
почему когда я закрываю двери пультом и нажимаю 2 раза машина не пикает ?
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