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I saw the question about a 2005 and it said the key would not work. Does it apply to the 2002?
When I turn my car on it sounds like a lawn morrow. At first if it went idol the engine would crash (turn off). Now it can stay idol but still sounds horrible. Car has 130k miles. There was oil in at the time of which this happened. All electrics still work. Dad said it sounds like a blown cylinder but hes not a professional
I'll be driving and suddenly I'll loose power in my stereo, the lights all come on the dash and I'll loose all my gages then it dies and needs a boost to restart
My acura RSX's SRS light has been about a year after I bought it used in 2009. Repair places have turned the light off but after a few months it will come back on. I'm think it has to due with a Faulty Wire Harness For the passenger's side seat belt.
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I overheated once but I still smell steam. I can see steam coming from the radiator cap and area. It is a new cap. A pressure test was done and there is a leak but where?. No coolant on ground.nothing coming from head or anywhere and the gauge is normal.the amount of coolant I put in is very small if at all.After running the engine at idle for 30 minutes the bottom of radiator is cool to the touch and hot above the midline.
Not sure if this is related but occasionally I hear a whine when I throttle up instead of normal engine growl. What's that?
Thanks for any help
My car is 10 years old, and after rotating my tires (routine maint.) I saw my ball joint boots were torn, as well as the outer tie rod, and stabilizer bar linkage boots. These rubber boots I need to have replaced, but I'm not sure how much a shop will charge me. Unfortunately, I don't have the tools or knowledge for this so basically I'm just looking for a ball park estimate on how many Franklins I'm looking at. Thanx.
Would a secondary O2 sensor see a race header as a faulty cat?
My check engine light is on with a code P0139. I have checked the wiring, replaced the O2 sensor and put a non fouler/ check engine light eliminator in the secondary O2 bung.
get too Ignition Starter you have to remove the Manifold thats when I notice M.I.L on the O.B.D. read P1077 , P1078 was this caused by Mechanic Error
It flashes sometimes.
As lame as they appear I may buy a basic steering wheel lock, my question is it worth it or is there a different type of car alarm I can purchase that I don't have to personally put on every time I leave my vehicle.
People have been trying to break into my car & now my passengers left side window's black rubber frame has been tampered with and teared !!
Where can one get this problem fixed for free or minimum cost?
My boyfriend turned off his car today and as soon as he took the keys out of the ignition and opened the car door, his headlights started flashing off and on. They eventually time out and go off. It just randomly started happening today. The battery is brand new, so he has been unpluging the battery everytime we leave it for long. Could it be a relay switch? I think is has something to do with his car alarm, because thats what his alarm does when it goes off the only difference is, the car isn't making the beeping noise it normally would if the alarm was going off.
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