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After parking and lock the car with remote, in 5 minutes the full light will be flashing and the horn will be on at the same time, please help it is urgent, thanks.

I came back from the church with the car, I later wanted to go out but I use another Hunda civic key in error. I later use its own key but it refuses to start.URGENT PLEASE

The engine light came on , I heard a clicking sound and the engine stalled. Was put on diagnostics.

After two blocks of driving, every time I drive the vehicle.

It is a 2003 Acura MDX. I've had all its maintenance done thru the years. It has 160,000 miles on it. It gave no warning. My "malfunction indicator" and "VTM-4" lights came on when it stalled and it wouldn't restart. Eventually it had no juice even to take a tape out of the cassette player. What are your thpoughts about this diagnoses?

I can see the filter box by looking up under the dash just don't know what has to come off or out to ger to it.... and how hard of a job it might be.

We have never seen anything like this....The bottom of the radiator also houses the transmission cooling systems. The radiator leaked into the transmission. We have flushed and flushed it but we will never get the water out. Has anyone ever had any problems like this. We already had the overdrive or torque converter problem. We drive in D4.

I have to get my a/c high pressure line changed because its leaking. They said its gonna cost me 450

my problem is this, when driving at any speed, going through dips, or on series of small bumps, I get a rattle sound coming from the front. It definetly sounds suspension related.sounded like loose/worn struts, but after replacing both these the noise persists.I too have replaced the steering rack, which did not change the noise either, although reason for that was fluid leakage. I have spotted some leakage on the inner cv joints, which tells me they may be worn. anyone have solutions/experience with this? sway bar/links?

my check engine light came on so i went and checked it out and p0740 came up and my mechanic says its time for a solenoid replacement but i feel my engine running good...any idea of how much should he charge me to do that or if its important for me to do so?

how to reset the maintance required light

where is the fuel filter located

ran out of gas and when i put gas in it started fine but when i excellarated to my passing gear car cut off engine light flashed and never started back up. you can hear the pump working when you turn the key to the on position but no gas is getting to the engine.

My VSA, VTM-4, engine light keeps coming on . This the third time since two weeks ago it came on. I got an oil change the first time it did it. I brought it in Feb. It had 96,0000 miles. Now its at 104419.

How frequently should the belt and or chain be replaced.

All of the meters (gas, miles reader, engine light, etc) went off on my panel. Someone was upgrading my radio to a GPS system and now they dash wont go back on!! Any suggestions of what it might be? Everything seems to be ok when tested, so it is not burned or a fussil nor anything like that... Help is appreciated

It doesn't happen all the time, but when it does it sounds like it is accelerating but the vehicle doesn't increase the speed. Is that a sign of transmission failer

how to remove navigation unit under the seat?

i have had both front and rear brakes replaced in the last 10 months. the car has about 90k on it , my son called last night and said he pulled out of a parking lot and realized he had no brakes. what could this be?
we had him leave the car and will have it towed on Monday.

May 2003 Acura MDX died last night. I went to the airport to pick somebody up and when I turned the key it turned over then went completly dead, no lights, no horn no electrics at all. I could not jump start and the battery is only 1 year old.

I have an MDX 2001 Model about a month ago, I started noticing noise when the car is idling, it seems as if the accelerator is depressed.

Now the car can only drive on D2, after you engage on D2 and on speed you can now manually push it to D5. However, if you stop for any reason, you have to manually put it back to D2 before you can drive again.

Our vehicle has only 27,300 miles but is 6 years old. We do mostly local driving so we did a pre-emptive brake pad replacement on both front and rear. A caliper seal was leaking so we had to do that replacement also. Does this seem early or is it a function of brake time like the pads?

Driver and front passeger carpets are collecting water from under the carpets.

ACURA dealer quoted $645 (including 10% discount)
seems pretty high...
Thank you

Just replaced my starter with new one and starter still stays engaged with flywheel for about two seconds after car starts.....this is the reason I replaced the starter to begin with.

A few months ago I noticed a humming sound and sometimes a vibration when gently accelerating that puts the tachometer b/w 1000 and 2000 RPM's. Above 2000 I don't notice anything. Took it to dealership yesterday and they said the torque converter is failing but everything else is fine and it wouldn't hurt anything. Est cost $2700+tax

Does this sound right. What about cost? I was thinking of trading it in beforehand and now esp if I have to plunk down almost $3k for a repair. It has 99k miles.

i just had my oil changed at the dealer and rep said that very soon I would need the big service at 105000 mile and he said it would cost around $3500.00 does this seem right? I have always taken my car to the Dealer for all the service so the car is not in a terrible shape, runs fine.

I have a 2003 Acura Mdx and the cd-player used to work fine... now it doesn't play ANY cds. I used to think that it was because the cd's weren't original cd's but I also tried original cds and it wont play those either... please help!

a light came on that read 4vtm. Once when I tried to put my car in reverse, it would not move. When I pushed the 4 vtm button, it does not work. Several months ago, I had to have a torque converter on it. It has a one yr warranty. Shoud the warranty cover this? If not, what will be the approximate cost?

I also need a quote on the power steering reservoir. I have been told that I need both the pump and reservoir.