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How do I do facetime from my iPhone 4 to an Ipod Touch 4th Gen?
How do I do facetime from my iPhone 4 to an Ipod Touch 4th Gen?

The other night while I was driving my Headlights went off! I turned the switch back and forth a few times and they came back on. What could be the problem?

for a short time along with the outside temp.but it crashes after the temp.guage goes up.

Was driving around town 105 degrees,AC had a burned leaves smell coming.g through the vents...lasted about a min. Then nothing but hot air blowing from the vent. Does it need refrigerant, or a new compressor (ouch). ?? Help its 111 stuck to my leather seat. Its only 7 years old, and had been blowing ice cold the day before.

HI I am looking for a good mechanic in NJ around hacekensack. Can somebody suggest me any best shop for Acura MDX 2006 repair. Ramsey Acura has given me a higher price for 105000miles maintaince, where as when i cheked in repair pal, the price shown is half the price of showroom. Repair pal suggested some shops but no one has given any review for those shops. can someone suggest me a nice shop around 07621 and 07644

I have a 6 CD changer in my acura mdx2006 model. But i want to get rid of this and add an MP3 player with USB support, can someone suggest the cost, and which company player can i buy and who will do this

When I take foot off accelerator pedal to coast, whine goes away. Help!!

are there other seals and hoses and anything else I should get done well there are replacing rear main seal?

I purchased a used vehicle and an Extended Warranty. I've been told that the Timing Belt needs to be replaced due to the mileage on the vehicle. If this was not done by previous owner as maintenance, shouldn't the warranty cover it ?

the light turn on after you drive some miles and stay on.

How many mile the Mdx Acura needs to change trimming belt?

my oil lite in on and beeping. My oil level is lower than in should be and I do not see a leak.

I have a mdx 2004. While moving the gear from from drive to prk, I can feel the movement rough, hard and the same from drive to park? Any thought? What needs to fixed or what need to be looked at?

Whining noises and getting worse, had an oil change done at the Acura dealership and they quoted me at $399 to replace. Is that a good deal or can I get it done much cheaper?

My mechanic says this could mean the transmission is failing. It seems to shift fine and smoothly. What seems to happen is that the car hesitates and sometimes loses a little power while driving. From what I read online it may be a feul system issue. Any ideas?

My car keeps dying and not starting from one day to the next.
Replaced battery, had them re-program the electrical, now they say I need a new body control module.

how do I reset maintenance indicatior light

We replaced the Power stearing pump and start having this issue. Earlier it was only noisy but steering was very light. We changed the Radiator couple of weeks ago

Only on cool to cold mornings when I first turn on the ignition, a whining noise for 2-3 secs and when I go to back out the steering wheel doesn't want to turn immediately. After that throughout the day its fine. what could this be?

the noise contnues but varies slightky whether the fan is on high or low and whether the air condition is on or off.

The back of the seat heater works just not the seat itself.

When it runs for about 3to 5 minutes it stops What could be wrong. Also him seat heater worked and now it has stopped what could it be.

the noise occurs when initially backing up or moving forward and is coming from the rear of the car. thanks

my acura is 2011mdx/18000 miles. he said rear tires were "feathering". is this a common problem on mdx?


Should the water pump routinely be replaced or only if there is a problem?

However, when I deliver a firm tap from the palm of my hand, just below the bottom of the screen, the controls come back for a second then disappear again. I have a feeling that a connection came loose over time and needs to be secured. Has this happened to anyone? Any solutions? Your help is greatly appreciated.

We have a shudder at 45 mph and would like to try replacing torque converter vs. the entire transmission.

someone told me I could clean the carbon out of my intake manifold and it would improve my gas mileage is this true ?? and if so could you direct me to a pic and details of how to do this if possible ??

power was disconnected and now I need a code to reset