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Happens 1 X month despite drive daily.
can not find oil filter from under the hood or under car when on a lift
Over the last couple of days I've had to consistently re-enter the Navigation secure code in order to access the A/C and/or the A/C fan speed.
What else could be causing the misfire on all 6 ignition coils if they all have been replaced. It runs much better since the new coils were put in but it just doest make sense
It has 95kmikes
Getsstuck and does not respond
Today was the first time I noticed that and it's been 3 hours and the fan is still on
No codes were given, just the info that it is an internal problem in the system. After buying this vehicle from the dealer, and taking it in for all services for all these years I am so upset. I could use some advice. Thanks.
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