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When I push the power window switch on any window it makes a noise like it's working, but nothing happens. This is on all windows. It just started. No problems before.

1) Steering noise at very low speeds, like when you take off from a stop sign and turn either right or left. There is a bit of a "whine" or "straining" noise. The Acura dealer I purchased this from basically told me I had to learn to live with it because there is no fix, which I don't believe. At the time of purchase, I negotiated that this would be fixed and the dealer agreed in a standard "Due Bill".
2) The car pulls to the right, which is especially noticeable at freeway speeds. The dealer records show that they put on 1 new tire before putting it up for sale, which I believe is the problem. The car was aligned the other day, which helped, but the problem hasn't been corrected. Again, at the time of purchase, I negotiated that this would be fixed and the dealer agreed in a standard "Due Bill". The service writer told me that Acura's are designed to go to the right as a safety feature incase the driver falls asleep they won't head into oncoming traffic???? Then he said that all Honda products have been designed this way for years, which is funny because I traded in a 2006 Honda Pilot when I purchased this car, and it didn't pull to the right. Am I being fed a line by the service guy so that they don't have to put on an additional new tire, or ????

My 2004 acura mdx makes a noise on the motor

The car will begin to jack and the transmission get hot and the car transmission will stop working until I stop for wait and let it cool. This usually happen when I am on a speed of above 100km/hr for some time

I drive a 2008 mdx Acura and I have replaced the top and down gasket plus cylinders. There is a funny knock like sound from the engine

It happened when I plugged in my trailer's electrical plug

I had a mechanic look at it and was told it would cost around $3000 to get fixed.

Need to know what year mdx navigation screen compatible with 2001 acura mdx

I have checked the transmission fluid it was fine. My car starts fine. while I am driving I will stop at a light or at an intersection and it doesn't want to go when the light is green or when it's my turn. It just whines when I give it gas. It just started yesterday. I put it in the park position and back in drive and it will go but not all the time. I have to seat and keeping giving it gas. I plan on taking it to get fixed could you tell me what possibly could be wrong?

told by differrent people they have 2 and they have 3

the original pump was changed because it was making noise and foaming in reservoir. but power steering wife used non Honda p/s fluid to refill it.

i have a 2002 acura mdx that has had electrical problems for years now and i have spent thousands with no resolve.the truck will stall wile driving and the dash lights will start flashing and clicking as the truck powers down to a stall.

I give the car gas and its like its in neutral

2004 acura mdx a/c wont let me add freeon just replaced compressor abd condensor. checked cabin filter, real dirty

After driving car for 5-10 min car would chock (most of time), RPM drop 2000 and speed 20-25 Miles/hr. No trany slippage. gas pedal feel stiff (resistance)
codes: P0132, P0172 and had once P0705 + VTM-4 light on

Changed Catalytic Converter + O sensor
Car would rev perfectly well in Park/Neutral

I just replaced 2 head of cylinder.About a week later car suddenly stopped.I towed to mechanic.Week later he found that i have to replace engine piston

Funny sound like winning and the VSA lights stays on while driving

Funny sound .also the visa light stays on while driving .

The check engine light was on for awhile and the vtm-4 light would come and then go off. Now they are both on and the D5 light is flashing and it feels like it wants to start off in high gear

Recently transmission was r&r. Now car stalls when warm as I prepare to stop for light, etc. Engine easily restarts, but then stalls at the next light.

When engine is cold, it does not seem to stall.

Once engine light came on, the reader said that an unexpected amount of air was causing the problem. We reset the engine light by running the RPM at 3000 for a minute or so. The light has not returned.

Other sites suggest an EGR valve. All services are up-to-date, including 105K.

driving up a snow covered hill here in switzerland the vtm-4 light came on and switched off the 4wd which caused the car to slide out of control! is this normal?my Honda Garage here in switzerland dosant have the Software on his control Computer for acura mdx as the car is not sold here.
what do you recomend......?
thanks Jeff.

My D5 light flases on the darsh board. What is the cause?

It only lasts a second then kicks back into 3rd or 4th for a while. I really feel it(like the brakes getting slammed on).It happened about 6 times on my 10 mile drive usually around 35MPH.Any Ideas? Tranny oil level looked ok. Slightly brown. I drained and refilled about 4 years ago. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

Code P1710, P0505

just stopped working...checked fuses, is it a sensor? are there more than 1? how do I tell what to replace?

screen comes on and is operational when key is in accessory mode

my gas gauge temperature gauge mph gauge and rpm gauge stopped working same time

Again my site is password protected.Who is over riding it?

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