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I have recently started driving my company's car, but the nav unit doesn't work. The screen lights up and gets power, but the unit under the seat (bolted to the floor of all places) is corroded. This is obviously the source of the issue. My "stealership" is trying to charge me $4400 to fix it. Is this not their issue? They have said that they need to determine the source of the corrosion.... Uhmmm pretty sure bolting an electronic system to the floor is where the corrosion is coming from. Should they not have to pay for this?

with about 180,000, the light has come on a few times then gone out. Now it has stayed on for the last few hundred miles around town. I have brought into dealer who told me it was the converter though I didn't get the number. I'll go do that soon.

In the meantime, what problems happen by failing to get it fixed before said problems develop? How risky is it in regards to causing more expensive problems?

Check current draw with ignition off

Testing voltage draw with ignition off

I maintain my car well. The "check emission system" light has been on/off over past 3 months. Sometimes with a new tank of gas and a long trip, it clears out; sometimes not. Have never changed this part before. Is 150,000 miles a reasonable life expectancy for a catalytic converter?

($480. for the F Stabilizer Bar Bushing') - is this something I need when replacing my front struts ($407.) for my acura mdx 2001 - pep boys also stated I need to replace 'stabilizer Bar End link" for $80, and "PB/MONROE Front Strut-Mate Mounting Kit" (for $36.99) and 2 x "Prosteer Control Arm Control Arm w/Ball Joint" for $424.) and "Drive Rite Serpentie Belt" x's 2 @ $30. + $33) - ALL THIS BECAUSE MY CAR SHAKES AND RUMBLES WHEN I GET UP TO 50 MPH??? TOTALING $1,400. ----- ALSO - my front hood and back door/hatch will not stay open - what does this mean? and approx. how much to fix? thank-you very much - haley

I seen a pre tow checklist for 2004/2005 and have read 2004-2006 have the same drive train so I believe the answer is yes. However, I've not seen any Acura/Honda literature to confirm this belief.

Our MDX is parked outside always. Ever since it became cold, our Check Engine light is on until we've been driving for 30 or so minutes. It also begins to shudder when you exceed 20 mph. I also noticed today that the VTM-4 light comes on as well. We thought it was our transmission and just took it to a dealer to have that system flushed. They did a diagnostic and said everything looked good. We are at a loss as to what the problem is... Help!

Im asking this because I need to go get my car smog

It has fluid sometimes I have to pull over and put it in park then back in drive for it to move sometimes Im giving gas while moving and it doesn't want to change gear

Dealer says it is too expensive to replace and it isn't worth the cost to repair it.

I just had my car in for service at the dealer. All codes were checked. Nothing showed up. I thought it might have something to do with the passenger airbag, but I am not sure. It seems to happen when there is a passenger in the car. Thanks in advance for any help or advice.

It freezes alot also. How do I fix this?

Spoke to my guy at Acura he use HDS to bled brakes . He said modulator is bad because he can not get.air out of the system.m Ireally can not figure this out if this is a closed system if you open it should bled out right ? Or I have missed something

Already replaced master cylinder brakes fine for about a month took car to dealer they bled the brake line using a computer again brakes fine for a month replace modulator 1000 miles on car 81000

Ac now blows hot air

Window doesn't feel like it will engage with the motor, how do I repair?

Replaced the battery twice and the alternator once.checked all the connections for corrosion and grounds all are clean. Shutdown while driving twice in one week. Does anyone else have this problem?

car has 121000 miles .

and engine light on and told ned a transmission now after 2 wks. I bought the torque and he installed. engine light on and computer indicates transmission. what else could it bemileage 112000

I left my car, locked it and lights didn't go out, bumper lights and rear ones. I even tryed to turn them off even manually but I couldn't

Will it hurt my engine if I drive without fixing it right now. I can stand the heat.

it happens everytime when i drive it and it starts to do this after i drive a few kilometres