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Car drives fine except that code comes on at 60mph. I took out this solenoid and clean debris where it was mounted. I also checked that the solenoid was working properly too. Should I get a new torque converter clutch solenoid or transmission. But at the same time the car drives good with no shifting problems except for that code keeps popping on. What should I do?
When pushing on the gas my vehicle at times takes a sec before engaging again it seems to be happening more regularly your site said something about a recall but acura says there is not one can you explain this and what might cause this problem
My vehicle when driving will suddenly stop accelerating and takes a moment before engaging again has been happening alot recently and i have notice that acura says there is no recall but your site said there was can you explain this please
As I am driving, the car will turn off and begin to coast. The dashboard is blacken. When I stop it and put it in Park, it will start up and act as if nothing had happened. I just had recent scheduled maintenance done.
Is there anythIng else that I may do instead of replacing the engine. Should I just buy a new car?
I have to jump start or charge the battery after a day of sitting. It is a brand new battery
What would be some repairs that would come about? I'm looking to get at least 180000 out of the car, if that helps! Thanks!
My MDX use to move the side mirrors down when in reverse gear. Now it does this intermittently.
I have replaced the battery, I have disconnected the battery over night, still the memory buttons (both of them) fail to remember or set the seat to the positions. Also this is an intermittent problem. Meaning sometimes I will press button 1 or 2 and there I go into position. Please help my wife drives to close to the wheel!
I have error codes p0455 and p0420. How di diagnos the problem
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