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First noticed the problem on Saturday. The engine shut off at a stop sign, but restarted right away. Problem recurred Tuesday night, but would not restart for 30 minutes

how do you remove an ignition the whole thing cylinder and switch

I changed the fuel pump Nd I started a couple of times but it won't anymore

I have a 92 Acura Legend. I had a thermostat put on it because the heater was not blowing out. After I had it put on the car it started running hot, so I had it taken back out. The car no longer runs hot since I had the thermostat taken out. I would like to know what would make my car run hot with the thermostat?

I have been told the Acura Legend has two thermostats, would like to know if that is true.

The dash board light shows battery and the owners manual states that the altinator is not charging the battery

I was on the interstate and my car started to overheat. It would run for about an hour and then it started would start to over heat.

car works fine in fast moving traffic..once stopped or moving slowly, the temp guage goes up..if I pull over, put the car in park, turn it off, wait 2 mins and then re-start..the car will run all day in dead stop traffic without the temp guage going up or car overheating

My Brake Lights and Horn have stopped working, and my Shift is stuck in Park. I have replaced the fuse for the horn and brake lights. I have replaced the brake light switch. What else could be causing the problem? The Mechanic who replaced the brake light switch ran an indepedant current to the brake light switch and the lights came on. Where do I go from here?

I live in Turkey
I have a 1992 Honda Legend 3.2 V6 AT 4 door. I know acura legend and honda legend are the same, same engine and same transmission
I need a transmission repair kit,
Where can I find transmission repair kit for my car...
Could you please give me the internet site adress or market adress that I can buy...

first star with the control switch only was working on low and then stop working it all i already check the fuses and put a used switch but still not working don't know if the used switch i put is bad or if there is any wiper relay and were is located thanks.

where is the relay for the p windows on a 93 acura legend

My sister had engine replaced for damage due to fluctuating overheating til engine ruined. First day of driving, car overheats. Mechanic said engine pressures were fine; says problem is a hose on top of the engine. Can the issue now be the heater core? Where is the core located and does the whole dash have to come out? What are the steps? Tools? Precautions.

All 4 brakes became rusted from 7 months inactivity on a 95 Acura Legend following the winter. Need 4 new brake pads and rotors. Any input regarding the time and material cost of repair would be helpful. Thanks, Hunter.

Why do headlights flash off at night sometimes, and won't come back on with the switch.

when i put the car on drive i get a kick

the car isnt getting any fire to the engine.and all my lights to the car keeps blinking on and off.the car itself will not turn over and crank has been sitting in the yard for at least 4 months. i think it is the distributor.

D4 light keeps blinking when I drive my 1995 Acura Legend. When I drive on D4, I can see the rpm go up but the car makes different sound and it does not accelerate. I can drive on D2 or Di without any problems. I looked up into forums and found similar problems associated with VSS. What do you think the problem might be?
Thanks in advance.

The Passanger side glass is stock and I think it the fuss the blew up

Not firing on spark plugs or injectors. What could it be?

Well i bought this car about a few weeks ago and now when i leave the car off and it sits after i take the key out it starts to make a clicking noise like trying to start or fire the black box on the upper part of the firewall above the fuze box is generating it could this have to do with the solenoid ? it recently completely drained my battery so i had to get it fully charged . its seem to do this only after it rains and the alternator checks out fine

I have replaced the Radiator, and replace the thermostat 2 times, still no heat from the heater. I have purchased a heater control valve but don't know where to install it. I have also noticed that coolant circulation throu the engine is OK. Can you tell me some possible reason for this problem and some diagnostic steps I may use.

Had a little rattling noise for the last couple mos but was running great. Then it started overheating, filled it with coolant... No good. Tried to drive it to my buddy to look at it, and overheated, burst 3 hoses back to back.. we replaced them all and tried a new radiator cap and then noticed the fan (that we rigged to always stay on) was off... so my buddy got it back on, but then the other one stopped.. How? Is having only one working fan causing it to overheat?!

i have powered windows the back right rear window would not come up today neither driver control nor door control work is this a fuse or something else if so what?

where can I buy a replacement fuse box

how many freeze plugs does it have and where are they located

alarm goes off, and drains battery. now battery is dead.

clutch pedal does not return to proper position after releasing it had clutch,master cylinder and slave master replaced supposevly what could be the problem yr of car 1988

3 of the 4 windows work, rolled down 2 windows & they won't go back up, thought they were all one fuse.

Where is the PGMFI main relay located?

my car starts up good in the morning after runing 5 to 10 minutes you turn it off it will not start again for several hours.It just turns over.