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Trying to figure out why i wont stay running. Please help me
currently has 92000 miles.
I just replaced my water pump and now my car wont stay running unless i am on the throttle and it now blows black smoke timing u s dead on can someone please help me
Failed emissions smog test my NO @ 15mpg was 1060 and @ 25mpg 907?
How to troubleshoot odometer
Cooling fan was burning I was told. They disconnected it and the battery is still draining. Interior lights and cigarette lighters not working. What could be causing this.
Where do I find a maintenance schedule for my 1992 legend?
I just want to make sure the service is done when it should be.
the pump leaks everytime i press the brakes
on the 3rd day I replaced my radiator,on the fourth day another hose busted in the back.My heater core is already shot and I had a bypass done but my car is still leaking antifreeze.Especially after I fill it up with antifreeze the whole way then I drive for about a half hour then shut off car n let it sit then it pours out. The car would overheat n now my radiator fan comes on when it feels like it.I dont know where the car is leaking from why my fan doesn't come on all the time or why my hoses busted in days apart. Please help me!!!
If any near 77004 can do this along with the tail seal let me near from you.
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