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I have a 90 Acura Legend L (automatic). I was driving to a new job (uphill) and all the sudden the engine light came on and the car started dieing when I pushed on the gas. I was able to drive it back home. When I got it home I tried starting it up and it would act like it didnt want to turn over. Once it did, it would idle rough and try and die. When I push on the gas to go, it dies.

I checked the self-test and it flashed once. I changed the front O2 sensor and then check it again, it flashed twice. I changed the rear O2 sensor. I also changed the spark plug and wires along with the fuel filter and still same results.

I was told possibly my distributor so I changed that today. Now since I changed it, it wont start at all. It act like it wants to but wont turn over where before it at least did that.

I checked the spark on the spark plugs and it sparks but not at a normal spark; very low, dull spark.

Could I have done something wrong when putting it in or do you think the ignition coil is now bad?

My dad recently replaced my tie rod ends and upper control arms (L&R) 3mo ago; ever since there have been crazy sounds...a creaking sound whenever I apply my brakes & terrible clunking noises whenever driving over uneven road surfaces. Before the work, you could hear general squeaking like that of an old spring bed & some clunking noise but now it's crazy annoying & worrisome. Furthermore, last DEC a Baltimore mechanic told me that the clunking stemmed from the need to replace upper control arms in my rear wheels; overall, I didn't get a good vibe from him or shop mgr.

1990 Acura Legend LS (V6)

Furthermore, all interior lights (panel & console excluded) & cig-lighter stopped working maybe 2months ago; there's also been a faint radar-like beeping when engine is started (not always heard & tends to stop after a short time; once it persisted during a 2hr drive). Could it all be related?

This happens every once in awhile.when i move the shifter to neutral, it will start right up.

I was driving from Sacramento to Truckee and my check engine light came on. Then my car started puttering. I stopped at a gas station, checked the oil and turn around. It was still puttering and I made it all the way to my drive way before it died. Now, I can start it and it is fine idling but as soon as I give it gas, it dies? Suggestions?

I replaced the radiator for a total of 3 times once when I bought the car in 2002 the next one last year and the most recent one last week the one I replaced last year started to leak at the plastic seam.and this current one I just replaced started to leak in the same area at the plastic seam Why does the radiator keep breaking after replacing it? Please let me know.Thank you.

it just started after three day of driving it it was parked before for about two months

just the rear tires wear in about two weeks

already tried locking and unlocking the doors and unhooked the battery

I am needing to get my ac repaired on a 1991 acura legend, i havent had it checked out or anything so i do not know exactly what is wrong all i know is it doesnt work. my question is best and worse case senario what would the price be on the repair?"

Pep boys said to change the air drier. We did! We added one can of 134a and it still doesn't cool.


it just started today and I dont know how to get a code.

my car stalls when stopped and when i break it feels like the is air somewhere almost like when the air is not bled from your break line. i change the alternator but it still does it. what can this be.

Brought my car in for an AC repair. Told mechanic car had AC last summer no problems.

Mechanic quoted $150 for a recharge. Mechanic called to say they found a leak $75 more. I said OK.

My bill had
Parts total = $140
ac freon =3x$20 =$60
dye =1x$20 =$20
ac freon 2d time =3x$20=$60

Labor total = $150
Find Leak = $75
Repair Leak = $75


I need to know where the oil sending unit is on a 1990 acura losing oil as fast as i can put it in!!!

i would like to know what it will cost to has a radiator installed in my car?

Radio volume won't go up, stays low but gets slightly louder when the radio is warm.

how do you know that the water pump is going bad

Front window wiper/washer doesn't pump out the washer fluid and spray washer on the window.

We just bought this 1995 Acura Legend for my son and the security system keeps going off. It does not have a a key phob and we don't have money to bring it into the dealer. Any suggestions?

In P, N, my idle fluctuates R the car acts like it's in neutral D, S3, S4, and 2 work fine. But if I disconnect the shift linkage at the shifter lever and put the lever into D and then manually pul the cable to the tranie into R reverse works fine but then if I put the lever into R wile still leaving the tranie in R the car goes into neutral it's like the computer is telling the tranie that R is actualy neutral or park. Help!

My 94 Acura Legend looks like it was almost kept new. I bought it with over 200,000 miles on it but after seeing the vehicle I could tell it had been taken care of. I drove it over 200 miles home and have been driving the car for 2 weeks with no problems. All of the sudden I start hearing a roaring sound with some rattling coming from the front of the engine. It almost sounds like it's coming from under the timing belt cover but to be honest I can't tell exactly. It is present while idling and louder while driving. Any suggestions?

Air is not cool; I think system needs recharging


My speedometer is not registering and when my car gets up to speed to go into 4th gear the light on fourth gear starts blinking and it shifts back down to second gear.

No indication when the car decides to not reverse, it just happens every so often. It is actually an 89, is this something common to this make and model? Thanks...

power steering fluid leaks out as soon as i put it in.I have no power steering is it the pump?

Windshield wipers just stopped working while driving. Any ideas on causes, costs of motor replacement(by a pro)?