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where is the fuel system relay located at?I have replaced the distributer 2 times and also the seems if it is hot inside the car the car will not start.usually you can start it in the morning and evening times.

A methodical 4-pulse miss at cruising speed between 55-64 mph. New plugs, wires, distributor, throttle positioner sensor, new upstream O2 sensor have all been installed. Need to install downstream O2 sensor as per check engine code. Generally more prevalent when engine reaches running temp usually within 2-3 miles. Any ideas on the problem?

replacement timing belt

When I turn the knob the heater blower wont turn on.

i broke my muffler and it's making a very loud sound how much would it cost to fix ASAP

I have a 97 integra, (automatic, 4 cyl, 1.8L, dohc, non vtech, w/ cruise and a/c) I was wondering two things:

1) how much labor time should I plan to pay to have the transmission r&r done?

2) (probably a little late to ask since I already have a trans on the way, lol) my two mechanics completely disagree on what's wrong with my car so here's the symptom: when leaving from a stop(or near stop like turning a corner under 15-20 mph) it has a horrible shudder and no power, then suddenly "catches" or whatever and is fine. One of my mechanics did something to my ignition timing which made the shudder less violent but happen at a wider range of rpms & speeds, it now feels like a miss and happens all the time.

the passenger stopped working the other day it wont go up, but the drivers side widow goes up fine . what could be the problem ? could it be a fuse or the power window motor???

how mutch cost front pads androtors

A/C is working most of the time, but when I go out on Sat.'s about 1-2p, in the hottest part of the day, the A/C will quit being cold about 10 min. out & it doesn't come back on. I recently had the A/C fan (& motor) replaced. I have taken it to the dealer for the recent problem, but they could not duplicate the issue. Any suggestions?

What is the mainenenence schedule at 100,000, 110,000 miles?

How much should a dealer charge to replace the catalytic converter heat shields? Is it possible to repair the heat shields and not replace them? According to the dealer, they are loose, and should be replaced. They are not making noise, yet.

i was stopped at a traffic light...light turned green my car wouldnt go. when i put it in park it makes a horrible grinding noise. if i try any of the drive gears it grinds but not as badly. car starts but wont go into any gears. its an automatic tranny. checked fluid levels and they seem fine. please help

I went with a machanic to stop the smoke I change the motor but this still with the same white smoke.


When should I replace the timing belt and should I replace the water pump at the same time. Please include costs.
Thank you

sometimes when it's hot outside or the car has been on a few short trips it won't start and the s3 light blinks, i've been stranded for almost an hour messing with the shift release buttons and turning it on and off, on numerous occasions.

Almost a year ago, my left rear brake seized up. Grinding and Squeaking noises ensued. I kept putting off the needed repair(s)due to lack of funding and general stupidity.

Now the car is leaking brake fluid from that wheel/brake. My mechanic hasn't taken an official look at it, but based on my description, he says it sounds like the wheel cylinder needs to be replaced.

However, based on my research, I've gotten the impression that a wheel cylinder only exists in cars with drum brakes. I'm fairly certain my car has all disc brakes. I'm not faulting my mechanic as he has not actually looked at my car, and he's not a specialist on Acura Integras; So I don't expect him to just know, off-hand, that it's all disc.

I wanted to know what actually is/are the potential necessary repair(s) so I can get a better idea as to the cost.

s3 light blinks car wont start, replaced starter, battery, and did tune up.

I had to replace the ignition switch after someone attempted to steal it. I am being told the computer needs to be reset or "Flash the Switch" so the cpu will allow it to start.
Can you help me with any information on this "Flash" reset?

My integra wont go in gear. I leave it idling and i can put it through all the gears without touching the clutch and it does nothing. Im thinking it has to be the clutch but my buddy who has a 1990 insists its the cv shaft. i have no idea whats causing it. Any ideas?

this is the thired time i replaced front rotors on this car. after a few months i get a vibration in the steering wheel and the front end shakes replace the rotors its fine then it all starts over again.. could it be the brake calibures.. the front end is tight nothing worn out

During routine maintenace, I was told the dealership mechanic that my power steering boots were torn or ripped, as well as my cv boots. I am thinking to replace a the whole drive axles, not the boots alone. This should be more cost effective than boots alone, especially when one considers that joints may be compromised. When doing the install of axles, should I also replace the steering rack? Does the labor partially overlap enough that I can save a few bucks more than if I do them separately. I am tight on cash and my rack does not appear to be leaking any fluid, nor is my steering performance altered. Thanks in advance.

My integra was sitting for about three and a half weeks. Before then I had no problems at all. I took it for a 35 mile drive about the third week. I turned it off and turned it back on. As I started to drive again my steering wheel locked up and it completely shut down on my. The engine will turn over but wont completely crank up. Does anyone have an Idea what the problem could be?

I recently had my both axles replaced on my 96 acura integra ls, following diagnosis that both front and rear cv boots were cracked and/or torn. After these replacements, I noticed a spot of transmission fluid under passenger side of car, suggesting a leak. Is it possible that in replacing the drive axles, the shop damaged seals? It may be coincidence but I never had any tranny fluid leaks prior to this work. Thanks in advance.

problem star today

on a normal non rainy day my car has no problems but when its raining out and im stopped and still in drive the rpm's go up and down then it stalls out! what could the problem be?


my tranny does not catch on the parking neither reverse... i look under the car and saw that the shifting cable was strech out and broken so i try to take it out but the part that goes on the tranny of it i cant take it out so do i take that shifting cable of the tranny????

it seems like i am loosing the ground on the relay side from the computer....

i have a 1991 acura integra i was driving it the other day and all of the sudden i heard a click and then the car started to die. i checked the fuses and all of that when i pull one out it will start back up and then immediatly shut back off... the fuel pump kickes on but not like it did but its good (got a new one). it will keep power in the main relay but after it purges the lines it looses all power to the relay and wont start but still cranks.. i need some help with this one lol..