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manufacturer number: 30100PR4A03
When turning fan control on the engine fan does turn on an off when control turned to off position.
and it do work with jump but not with the key
car run fine the day before. next morning would not start.
It shut off until it cools off then it starts to run ok could ot be fuel pump or distributor
I pulled out the spark plugs while the engine was on and all seemed to be electrically okay because the engine died down after i pulled them out. though after i cleaned up the plug tubes and started her up again the oil came right back.
why does it feel like its losing power? and white smoke comes out and evntually turns off?
the fastest we could go was probably 20 and it started making a really bad noise.
new starter n fuel pump new head n new plugs n wire n battery crank sensor timing is right
Before the light stayed on constant, several times ABS vibrated very loudly. With brake applied and without. That vibration has stopped, but light on constantly. Can you direct me to problem? Thank you.
I have 244,000 miles on my Acura. Recently, I had a squeaking belt, I noticed a whining sound, and when I push in the clutch, sometimes the lights would dim and the car would almost stall. There is a lot of corrosion on the battery terminals. Car will not start at all. Do I have a big problem? I replaced the alternator in March of 2009.
when i put my car in park the shift light doesn't come on and it gets stuck in park and the key wont come out. Ill move it around and play with it then the light comes on and it works again, whats the problem? how do I fix it and is it expensive??
when removing radiator cap it's bubbling over hot! Could it be my thermastat not opening?
Had my oil changed at the dealer was told that the oil pan gasket needs to be replaced just starting to leak $341.00 estimate. Is this realy worth repalcing on a 12yr old car w/ 180,000 miles. Iam adding about a 1qt of oil every 3000 miles and have not seen any leaking on the ground and have no leaks around the engine. Is this just normal for the age of the car and not critcal? Please advise, thanks Jack
I have put in a new fuel pump, a new fuel filter, the main relay checks out good, I have fuel to the injectors, but it will only start when I spray starting fluid in it. any ideas?
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