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Is there a shop that will accomodate the estimate that was given near where I live?

will start with quick start but dies after that burns out

How do I hook up the vaccum hose

is there a bolt or screw on the rotor of the distributor cap, if so where and how do you remove it ....thanks soooooo much

We smell a bad smell and a routine flush did not fix the shifting pro\blems my daughters car is having

Mechanic tells me I need a new catalytic converter (check engine light indicates this)Can I use a universal part for this or do I need the vehicle specific?

OK guys on Monday I replaced the dist. cap, rotor and coil. The car ran fine (1995 Acura Integra GSR). On Tuesday I did the oil pan gasket, valve cover gasket, and also replaced the ignition wires and spark plugs. When I started the car the idle is so bad it wont stay running. I did not touch any vacuum lines or etc., so I am stumped as to why this is happening. Before I started all this I had a code 9 which is I know the first piston CYP Sensor. So why is that or what could happening....

I have noticed that my clutch fluid is leaking into the driver side floorboard. I refilled the fluid resivor but can not tell where the leak is from. I don't know much about repairing cars but I am a single mother and don't want to get ripped off. Please Help!!!!

I have a acura integra and when i drive the car shuts down, but still has power. Its just the motor cuts off then I have to wait for houRs before it cranks back up.I also found oil in and around where my spark plugs are .

seat belt rolls forward but wont roll back to buckle up

Keep loosing antifreeze/ replaced cap thinking the seal was not tight. thought maybe radiator leak, used sealer you put in radiator to plug any holes, cked water pump/ still overheating/ car runs but am constantly adding antifreeze, I hear hizzing but when open radiator cap can see the antifreeze/ checked the hose-seems ok/ not sure what could be the problem/ please help

one day i got out of the car and seat belt went forward like it should,and when i got back in the belt came back two inches and stoped. i pulled the 30 amp fuse for the drivers side retractor manually cranked the motor back.bad position switch? put the fuse back it returns to the forward position and wont return.

my car idle goes up n down,when is in neutral. in my temp gauge works sometimes?

my car lose's coolant almost every 3 days. no leaks, no milky oil,no white smoke from the exhaust. When I'm driving it will feel like its gonna turn of but it doesnt and then the check engine light comes on and the radiator is empty. what is it, help please!!!!

my 1995 has a intermittent problem. The first time it acted up was a couple weeks ago. I started it up and it shut off. This happened 4 or 5 times then it started up and ran fine for a couple days. Then i was on highway and it shut off again. I pulled on the side of the road and restarted it. It ran for about 30 secs. then quit again. After about a 1/2 hr, it started and ran fine. Then it was ok for a couple days and did it again. I was stopping at a stop sign and it jerked alittle bit as i slowed down and then shut off when i stopped. It started right back up and ran fine. When it shuts off i still have the radio playing and headlights are on. Please help. Thank you.

I just bought a 1992 Integra RS with B18C Motor swap. I am having a hard time shifting into 4th, and reverse is sometimes tricky. I'll go to shift into 4th and most of the time it just won't let me. Sometimes it will go though, but I am constantly having to angle it just right. Reverse only gets sketchy every now and then. All other gears are fine. It usually grinds when I try to shift in to 4th and reverse. Grinds a little on 3rd too, but still shifts into it. My friend said its probably just my linkage. What do you think?

how long will it take to replace all motor mounts?

is it a fair price 800 dollars for 2 clutch repair? recently i have my car clutch replaced for 800 and need to do 2more on the rear. My car is Acura Integra 4doors 1994/ email is

this first happened after a 200 mile trip , and is noticeable now on short trips

I changed my radiator about 4 months ago, then my heater went out, so I jimmy rigged fuses for one of my relays that got it working. About a week after that, my car died while it was idling, I had a jump and it started. Then 3 days ago it stalled when I was on the highway. I waited 10 minutes then is started. The next day it did the same thing but wouldn't start at all! I checked the battery, it's good, the connection to it is good, the fuel pump works, I changed my spark plugs a year ago..What could it be??

Need front rotors resurfaced, repair shop said pads are good just resurface only. Estimate is 180.00 is this a fair price?

when i start my car nd i get going down the road i get through first gear second gear and third and when it goes to go into forth it slips out like the cars in nuetral i have a 1991 acura integra rs and its an automatic Plz help tell me whats wrong with my car also when i give it gas the battery light comes on and all my lights dim and my car starts to dye out

I just bought a 91 integra and the right side headlight is dim, the heater shuts off when I turn the headlights on, and when ever I turn the headlights off they get real dim but don't turn completely off until I shut off the engine. The previous owner said it had been stolen. What could be going on?

My car is a automatic and when it gets cold the key gets stuck in the ingition and the gear gets stuck in park, this only happens in the winter, in the summer I do not have this problem

Read the info on diagnosing bad rear wheel bearings. How do I distinguish between that and the possibility of a bad tire (right rear tire is pretty worn, left rear is in better shape)? The rumbling sound generally gets louder as the MPH increases. I hear the sound when going straight or turning left, but it goes away when turning right.

engine wont start no gas flow

my car is not able to go over 30 miles per hour but all the geers go in good

When i turn my car in the morning and i try to shift in reverse(automatic)it grinds and wont go in reverse but i let the car warm up and get the idle down and i try it again and most of the time it will shift into to reverse. The other day it started grinding while it was in parking in the morning...

Is it necessary to replace all 4 set of brake pads at the same time for a 1999 Acura Integra? I have replaced the rear brakes, but I was told by the parts dealer that it was necessary to replace them all at once.

Actually is an old 1987 Integra with only 135,000 miles, driving the gears slips goes back to neutral then I stop the car for 1 minute starts it then it drives but looses gear again after 10 seconds of driving. The fluid is full. Its an automatic. thanks.