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also my tach and speedo don't work . when driving with scanner hooked up speed don't register on scsaner and the tach does map sensor stay at 52.00 driving or not and weather car is running or not . please help my car wont pass inspection.
1.8L Automatic Trans '92 Acura Integra GS W/168K miles. Tune-up within last 30K miles. Passed prior smog in 2012 at the same shop. Very limited budget, no code check devices, disabled, want to try and repair what I can. Do not hear any vacuum leaks and checked connections. Considering new plugs, air filters first as I have those on hand. If it makes any difference, car has a worn trans shift lever assembly and bad A/C-heater fan but I do have the OEM replacements. I would appreciate any potential diagnoses and repair suggestions.
Popping out of gear and hard to find gearing while shifting. Today car shut off at advance auto and when clutch is pressed in car will start and run, when clutch is released car shuts off. In neutral or while in gear. It will go into gear when car is off. Is the clutch bad? or could it just be a throw out bearing?
Had the no spark, no fuel issue. Changed the distributor and fuel pump. I have spark now and fuel to the rail. Injectors seem to be not working now, could the fuel relay be the culprit and if so is there a way i can bypass it just to make sure it runs? Check engine light stays on cause my fuel relay is bad, i ordered a fuel relay cause mine doesnt click as it should. Please help
I noticed my coolant disapering I just changed water pump and saw no visable sings my oil was burning quick too it doesn't smoke I do have oil that smell like gas in my coolant overflow no oil in water the other day it started running really rough when u first start it and when u first drive it u can hear small popping from exshaust after a couple blocks it runs fine when u stop its miss firing like it needs a simple tune up idle goes up and down the rpm runs very high and takes forever to shift itself I noticed yesterday as I was warming her up an oil ring on floor under rear tail pipe what's wrong? How long does my baby have
Unable to restart; new battery one month old.
Driving, in gear, the car suddenly popped out of gear. I couldnt get it into any gear after that. When I shift the shifter, it feels like its going into gear, but its not. Tried shutting car off etc to put it into gear. Nothing works to get it into gear. A problem with the clutch assemblyor the clutch itself wouldnt prevent it from going into gear when its shut down, would it? It makes no senseto me. The fork that goes inside the trans is in place and it feels like its going thru the gears wheni shift with shifter. But, its not!! I dont know where to start or what to do! I dont want to replace a bunch of parts without being sure of what the prodlem is. Any ideas?!!
The squealing sound is load and clear in upper corner on driver side
Starts skiping or maybe jerking..its not the transmission bc the skiping/jerking is fast and very spuratic.what could this be?
my car is a manual 5speed with 215k miles. Recently my car has a difficult time accelerating. From 1st gear the RPM will go up but car doesn't want to speed up. I literally have to keep downshifting and gasing in order for the car to go. I've had the RPM at 5000 at some point at 45mph. Is it my clutch or something else? Help?!
When I have it gas then died
i recently bought a 93 acura integra. the owners recently purchased a new distributor as they were experiencing timing issues. but instead of fixing the problem the car now wont start. when u turn the key the motor just keeps acting like it will start and it will idle for about a second and then it just keeps winding. need a recommendation on if i need to reinstall the distributor or if it could be another issue
If its hot out, a lot of times it wont start. The car will crank but not fire. It runs well at night. If it does start occasionally it will stall out between 1st, and 2nd gears. I was wondering if it may be a starter solenoid, or maybe the fuel pump relay. Any advise would be helpful. I would like to know if this a cheap fix, or not. Thanks
need to be replaced how hard is it
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