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This happens when I'm up shifting. I've replaced many components related to distributor but it keeps coming back, could it be a PCM? Or maybe a ground connection?
Drives fine then shut off and SOMETIMES IT will not shift right
Turn on but no start.
Replaced tranny seals & rear main seal
Starts up leaks what apears to be around presure valve(bad,squrits out)

anti freezer is that normal?
So I have a 2000 integra ls and for sum reason my power locks and windows won't do anything. I have replaced the fuses in the engine bay and under the dash on the driver side but nothing has changed... it don't sound like any power is going to the windows or the locks.
So I have a 2000 acura integra Ls 2.0 dohc and every time I start the car the engine makes a weird rattling sound. The sound don't affect the driving but it is really loud inside the car.
When I'm in 4th gear the car hesitates at fifty and when I'm in 5th gear the car hesitates at 65. I can power pass those speeds and it runs find. Sometimes I have problems starting my tegga like it isn't getting any gas. Once it starts it runs fine. Just had a recent tune up.
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