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Intermittent starting problem in hot weather
So I have been told I will need to replace the 'computer' in my Acura. I'm trying to get an idea of how much this will be. I also was going to check junk yards for this part. Just looking for any advice. Hoping to keep the maintenance cost down. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
He says there is no spark. Had to have car towed to this shop when it died on freeway in fifth gear. Now won't start. I'm kind of at his mercy but I wanted to see if I could get any further input on this problem. Trying not to get swindled just cuz I'm a chick. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
changed fuel filter, tested main relay, I can hear the fuel pump go on. one day it will start right up, leave it running for an hour and the next day nothing.
Is it fixable? I can not tell how fast i am going or how many miles i have driven
When I start my car 141,000 miles in the morning or after sitting for a few hours it is fine but if I drive home from work about 30 minutes of driving, run in the house and change, or stop at the store, when I start the car again it dies. It has no problem initially starting it just idles at such a low rpm it dies. It I push on the gas after the car starts and rev it up to about 2 or 3 thousand rpm and keep it there for 10-30 seconds it's fine. Taking it to the dealership and thinking the diagnostic might be a waste of money if someone already knows what this is.
The place I took the car changed the water pump and told me that the timing belt was fine and now it is broken. I thought they had bought the kit and were going to fix all belts. Now its costing me more money.
Couple years ago I bought my car and 9 months later I was experiencing major problems. First as I was on the high way the car would brake on its own and drive again but then to brake again repeatedly causing my passengers and I to feel jerked until I pulled over on the shoulder. I couldn't exceed 30 mph for that night nor get out of 2nd gear. The following day I took it to a friend of a friends shop who said it was the top dead center (tdc) sensor. So I bought one from oriellys but not even 3 days later the car did same thing but this time I'm allowed to exceed 30 mph and drive in all gears except 3rd
1997 Acura Cl 3.0
Had the clutches replaced new torque converter
now the following
first gear good
second gear goes in with a kick
third and fourth are good
Then after driving for a few minutes and its warm/hot
car goes in neutral, wont go forward, but it does go on reverse, i shut it off and it goes forward again till u stop then wont go forward again.... HELP!!!!

Whats is my problem??
External sensor?
Valve body?
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