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You can still hear it clicking when you press the steering wheel. Also, the security alarm isn't on anymore. Are they related? Is it the relay?and where is the horn anyway??? behind the grill?

Thanks everyone!
I keep getting error code in my radio/ CD player once car battery was changed.
keep cut off. I have changed the fuel pump and fuel filter check the Cadillac converter I also made sure that the alternator is charging correctly
Fans work, No leaks.
Don't know if it's fixable or duo I need to replace the entire ignition lock key and cylinder.
Also bumping, grinding noise when hard excellerating in low gears.
Noise is worse in 1st & 2nd gear, but also noticeable in 3rd through 6th.
sometimes the windows wont work either or the reverse lights. I have installed 7inch screen/radio but that will still work when the fuse blows.
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